A Love Prayer To Jesus


O My beloved Jesus, You are close to my heart.

I am one with You. I love You. I cherish You.

Let me feel Your Love. Let me feel Your Pain. Let me feel Your Presence.

Grant me the Grace of humility so that I am made worthy of Your Kingdom on earth, as it is in Heaven.

Grant me the Tears of Conversion so that I can truly offer myself to You as a true disciple

to help You in Your Mission to save every single soul on earth,

before You come again to judge the living and the dead. Amen.

~Shared by Julie Gray .. She received this prayer fromΒ  Crusadeprayergroup.org

4 thoughts on “A Love Prayer To Jesus

  1. Dear friends, just recently a girl at my sisters school ( whose younger sister did sports with my sister ) has gotten a very rare form of joint cancer. I ask if you could please keep her in your prayers as she is fighting for her life. Hopefully she will be able to survive but if not I pray that she will turn to Jesus before she would die. Amen – πŸ±πŸ’•

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    • Sis., we will be praying for her.. i’ll say a prayer right now for starters: “Dear Jesus, we place this young girl totally in your hands . Whatever she must go through, please let her know You are holding her hand through it all. If it is in her highest spiritual good for her to be delivered from this condition, .. pleeeeease deliver her from it and have her know that it is YOU Who delivered her. If it is something she needs to go through for her spiritual health and growth, please have her cling to You and waken her spiritual senses up so that she will know You never leave her alone, and she can depend on You for every pain and all that goes with this illness. Thank you , Jesus.. We place her right at your feet for You to take into Your arms., like a little abandoned kitten in a basket..
      love you, lisa

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  2. Thank you so much ! She just had a successful surgery with a cancerous tumor that was removed. There might happen to be another smaller tumor that needs to be removed from what I know, but my family did mail her a card so hopefully she will continue to get better soon!
    – πŸ±πŸ’•


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