Stay Sober: A Dream of What is To Come


I woke up feeling troubled with GREAT FEAR and TREMBLING in my SPIRIT .The LORD made me actually feel how a person that has the RFID CHIP ( the mark of the beast) will be. All your attributes /personality is gone ,you have animal instincts and abilities to track , seek and find (people who are left behind) when programmed by the RFID mechanism. I remember telling this woman in the dream ,WHEN YOU SEE THESE THINGS ABOUT TO HAPPEN ,DROP TO YOUR KNEES AND SURRENDER YOUR LIFE TO JESUS.

I was then shown JESUS on the CROSS OF CALVARY ,DARKNESS ALL around with TOTAL SILENCE, I could feel GOD the FATHER turn his face to the other side away from JESUS because the darkness is SIN and he was really DISGUSTED by it. I felt like I was actually at the site of the crucifixion. I heard and felt in my SPIRIT JESUS actually saying, MY
GOD MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME. after the RAPTURE of the BRIDE , SPIRITUAL DARKNESS IS going to cover the EARTH ,the people left behind will FEEL FORSAKEN and I really felt on my SPIRIT it is VERY SOON.  BROTHERS AND SISTERS I IMPLORE YOU ALL, LET US CONTINUE TO LIVE A SURRENDERED LIFE AND BE FOUND WORTHY TO ESCAPE THESE THINGS (LUKE21:36) The time was 11:49 am.  on my phone when I awoke .

~Shared by Patrick Anderson

6 thoughts on “Stay Sober: A Dream of What is To Come

  1. I had the exact same experience a few months ago and it was only just today the Lord reminded me of it. I was praying about it today asking the Lord about it. In the experience I was just waking up when for a few seconds I felt a sensation in my forehead as if a block of metal had been place there and all my thoughts stopped and were being controlled by this metal block. At the time I was stunned about what just happened and it freaked me out, it was as if someone or something was able to do this to me without my control. I was watching a Youtube video today about NWO Project Bluebeam how they can transmit low frequency waves from space and send messages inside your head. So this is the second confirmation today after praying.

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  2. This morning in my quiet time with Jesus, His presence was so overwhelming I did not want to leave my prayer closet and go to work. This time it is different, as I believe something huge is about to happen! Last night at Bible Study, I was praying for His Brides to be prepared without spot or wrinkle, but no Amens came, I guess that isn’t always necessary, but agreement is powerful! God Bless you Clare and Ezekiel and All the HeartDwellers- you are so precious to the Lord!

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  3. Dreams and visions are so valuable to us all. All heartdwellers are certain that when we read an account from our brothers or sisters describing a message from the Holy Spirit in any form, we know it is absolutely valid! We all know the verse which for tells of our Old men having dreams and young men seeing visions.
    I will share a quick story: About 3 years ago I was desparately trying to please Father any way I could. Somehow, I convinced myself that we must observe God’s sabbath on Saturday. I check around and could only find 3 churches in my area that worshiped on Saturday; catholics, SDA, and Restored Church of God. I found very obvious reasons to avoid the first two, so I contacted a rep from RCOG. I was asked to study church policy, and finally I met with Representative from our local RCOG. The last step was to attend church. It was held in someone’s home. I won’t go into service detail as I respect everyone’s right to worship. I will say this church is totally dependent on its leader for everything. Sermons, songs, bulletins, etc. Are shipped to each church and everyone follows the same proticals. NO variations are permitted. After service we sat for coffee and cake. I had my hands folded in my lap under the table. All of a sudden my right hand started to burn, like I was being branded, red hot pain. I pulled my hand up and there was a burn in the web space between my thumb and index finger. It left a tear drop scar! Well, I immediately looked under the table, nothing!

    I thanked my host and rapidly walk/ran out the front door. I have reflected and prayed about that day, and I always come to the same Holy Spirit given conclusion:;Our Father watches and guards His children. We sleep calmly at night, because Jesus is lying right next to us. Sometimes we are allowed to stumble, but our loving creater YHWH will never let us fall! I am nothing special and I am the first to admit that I am unworthy of Father’s love. Once again I am extremely thankful that . Father does not agree with me!! See you soon, Heartdwellers

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  4. Thankfully Jesus has been preparing us and we’ve been trying our best to prepare ourselves and them, but what we have less control over is of those left behind what they will endure — hell on earth. We need to pray even harder that they will turn towards Jesus for faith and protection.


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