Spiritual Muscle



I had a dream a few months ago… i was surrounded by people, their faces were quite distorted, but they were spewing pure evil from their mouths, and I knew they were verbally attacking me even though i couldnt make out what they were saying. In between their “spewings”, I would jump up on a pull-up bar and start doing pull ups. I knew this was from the Lord, but didnt have the understanding, so for a few weeks i sought Him for clarity… then one day while driving to work, He spoke to me and told me what the meaning of the dream was…. “You’re building your spiritual muscle.”

~Shared by Scott Thompson in Video comments

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Muscle

  1. Amen. I had it literally happen to me once when as a Director of Nursing I went to a meeting with a very unhappy and yet manipulative relative of a patient. There were complaints about the care and things I had said. What surprised me, was that she used things I said out of context, added in lies, and then used half truths. The Lord told me to say nothing in defense. My Executive Director kept looking at me to say something, but the Lord said the same thing, “say nothing.” This was spiritual muscle building. You can’t always give a good defense against lies that have half truths because it makes you look the fool. The woman removed her relative from our care, which was easier on me, though I took the hit for losing the patient to another facility, because we did not have to deal with her manipulations any longer. It also gave me spiritual strength for what was to come. And what was to come was much more betrayal than that woman. It was painful, but forgiveness works.
    It seems to be telling you something similar, because The Lord doesn’t flex muscles for ‘no reason’. Praying for strength for you and quick discernment so nothing catches you off guard.

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  2. Thank you Scott. Earlier this summer my wife and I went to Bush Gardens in Virginia. We allowed our 9 year old daughter to bring a friend along. It was really hot, so I sat down on a bench while my Wife took the girls a little way away to ride on a Craddle ride. As I sat on the bench, I started to notice that all the people were changing in appearance. They started to look kind of semi-demonic. Their eyes were further apart, their facial features elongated, their mouths became huge and oval with a crooked upper lip. Their arms became longer by a third and they all grew a least a foot. Horrible looking. I actually was seeing this in real time. I started to pray, “Father, please there must be at least 1 person out of all these thousands walking past me, staring right me and snarling, who is my brother or sister in Christ. Please Father, show me somebody, anybody that loves and follows Jesus!” Nothing, for 10 minutes they hideously walked past me, Finally I realized. Father was showing what the world will look like after everyone takes the mark. I could see they were damned. I started to get overwhelmed with saddness. I began to pray and ask Father if there was any way I could help to show them the gospel. I begged Father to please save them!! As soon as I said to save them, in actual prayer, they instantly changed back!!! My love for them transformed them to regular looking people agsin!! Praise Jesus!!
    I remembered when we were standing in line to enter the park, the line was large and slow going. Someone called to me and motioned me and my family to enter through the wheelchair entrence. There was nobody there. We went through a side entrence. I wondered why did she pick my family to go right in through handicap? I wonder if I was somehow tagged with some kind of new technologyand images were beamed in. Whatever the case, when I loved and called on Jesus, it all stopped!!

    This world is manipulated in every way by satan. Get used to the fact that most of what you see is a lie. We live in a digital world in which we are all, “wired in”. Trust in God, Jesus will steer your ship to safe harbor!! Your cellphone or smart device keeps you connected and detected. Be very careful around new technology. Everything, even your TV is watching, listening and reporting every second of your day.

    Love you all heartdwellers. Isn’t it ironic that all of the smart devices are version 6 of somesort. Think outside the box. Pray for discernment. Blessings

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    • Amen.. and also amen regarding the wireless devices.. especially the “smart” phones. I think it’s not a coincidence that Apple’s iPod6 began their scanning technology to purchase whatever you want in stores with the swipe of the iPod…which is basically the beginnings of the rfid chip implants. Yes, we need to pray for everyone… many have no clue whatsoever and are totally under deception . It’s so sad!

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      • This makes me kind of worried as I might be getting a iPhone 6 for my birthday. Hopefully I won’t have to buy things by swiping with it but I’m scared that the government might track me or something. There is already a feature in that phone that lets you use your fingerprint to access it and I believe the government is tracking our identities by this. Hopefully the rapture will happen before my birthday or on it ( that could be nice or bad depending on the situation ) so that I won’t have to get a iPhone 6. I too will be praying on this as I think it’s rediculous to already be trying to to track people. I will be praying for you guys and God bless! -🐱💕


      • The Holy Ghost will keep our Spiritual eyes open. I believe we have been spoon technology, baby step by baby step, leading to an implantable chip, just as Lisa has said.

        Let us all watch and pray! The main lesson is NEVER FEAR!! Trust in God!


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