Angelic Intervention

313  photo by Lanta

a quick funny story…. I like hawks….i cheer for them over squirrels :-)…as I was listening to this video for the first 5 minutes a hawk was very near the outside the window ranting and calling ….i became annoyed over the loudness of his interruption….then I heard from Clare that you can request and even command ministering angels to fight for you or others….so I told my angels respectfully that were near me “please go scare that hawk away so I hear this message!”….in within 5 seconds the hawk flew far away …that put a smile on my face :-)…….and I thanked them 🙂


7be6e24f817225aa4076cca615625bdc  Painting by Sandra Kuck

“At 5:55 pm e.s.t. I heard two dogs barking at each other in anger about 100 yards away for several minutes straight….I was typing up a form for something in real estate on my computer when I raised one of my hands and said ” Lord, deliver the two dogs and myself from evil”…and within a nano second they completely went silent….I mean 1/10 of a second after saying the last part……..I was more stunned than with the hawk’s call suddenly disappearing…..I must do this more often!!! :-)….and I must remain humble without vanity thinking I’m someone special…..”

~Both incidents shared by Ken Beal

5 thoughts on “Angelic Intervention

    • Yes, He actually WANTS us to go to Him over even the smallest thing. Many Christian’s I’ve encountered are afraid to do this, and I’ve been corrected in this by some who tell me that by relying on God in the tiniest things is actually wrong and offensive to God. How wrong that person is! God stands at each of our doors and waits for us to invite Him into even the smallest parts of our lives. He wishes we WOULD look to Him for even the smallest thing, … even asking Him to give us ideas on what to wear that day makes Him happy that we care enough about Him to take Him into our personal lives with us. Also, whatever we do for our Lord, no matter how small- even if it is picking up a paper off the floor for Him, never goes unnoticed by Him 🙂

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  1. I decided to try it out and it seemed to have worked! I was petting my cat and she started biting me and I said ‘ lord please help me ‘ and she stopped biting me. She let out a small growl then got off my bed. Although it may not have worked fully because i forgot to say the right words at least something may have worked! ~ 🐱💕

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    • Sounds to me, Sis, that He put a stop to her biting.. for that time anyway! I prayed the other night He would please get my cat to stop playing with the litter in the litter box while I was trying to pray.. and something distracter her all of a sudden, which made her!

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  2. UPDATE- I tried it again when my cat was biting me and this time I said ‘ lord please deliver me from evil ‘ then my cat stopped biting. Then i said ‘ lord please deliver my cat from evil ‘ and now my cat has been nonstop purring ever since and when I pet her she purrs even louder! 🐱🐱 thank you lord! – 🐱💕


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