“Your Tenderness Disarms Me”



OK, When I pray, I always say to Jesus in the saying of them….”My Love” this, “my Love” that…..always addressing Him in the most tender of names as I feel Him close to me listening, {in spite of my miseries and imperfections!}

Again I was saying some prayers that Clare sent to me on binding the enemy +  They are very strong and wonderful, covering A to Z so to speak.  But again, I add tender names to Jesus, as “my Dear”, “My Love”, etc.  And while praying, He interrupted me…and I will  put down His words as I feel they encourage others .. And this is for all:
About 1:55pm  December 20 – 2015 :
He said:
“Pat…when you address Me in these tender names, My Heart is so moved!  I know you are sincere in believing the relationship you have with Me as spouse and consoler.  I have asked you for this {as others} and it seems so simple and natural to address Me in such tenderness.  I just wanted to tell you how moved I am and I know you are sincere.  And what joy you give Me {and others of course He means who practice this tenderness}
I am the most sensitive of all Men…. and your tenderness disarms Me…don’t ever think that I am not touched by such loving sentiments!  I am.   I know this is from your heart..
I always listen to you {and everyone…} and your words of love and kindness and affection warm My Heart and repair and make up for the ones who have nothing to do with Me.
Poor souls!  If only they would take the first steps!  How I await them in total love and mercy – I long to forgive – it gives Me great joy to forgive. Never let anyone be afraid to approach Me – I will not throw into their face their faults if they come to Me in contrition and wanting to be forgiven and change..No!
Let no one be afraid, I repeat.  Just as you are, throw yourself into My arms- the arms of a most loving Father, Savior and Spouse – A best Friend, A brother – Let everything in you be for Me – You will see what result this brings- Peace and joy, not as the world gives, but only as I can give you.   Come! All!  To your gentle Savior – the slain Lamb of God who died for you all, so you can come Home to your most loving Father – for all eternity!  Come! Do not be afraid.
I am love and want only what is best for My brothers, My brides, My children!
Peace I give you – let fear not keep us apart.  Come! Come!  I will take you to My Heart on fire with love for you all.   Let us talk, without hesitation, without doubt.
I am Love!  Come!
~ Your Jesus
Shared by Patricia Owens

4 thoughts on ““Your Tenderness Disarms Me”

    • That is very true. He is truly a most amazing, sweet, most supportive, merciful and loving person I ever knew and I have to say that we r lucky to have a special brother like him. Nothing can compare to him. When saying brother, he is truly that to us just like everyone in heaven, we r all a huge spiritual family both in heaven and on earth. We are all God’s children and I considerr our spiritual brotherhood and sisterhood is the same as if we were siblings related by blood.

      PS: thank you Claire and others from the website who post things, I enjoy everything you post.

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