“Warn the People”

Jesus & Menorah


my brothers & sisters few months ago the Lord woke me up 12:57am & said: “son, we are in the 57th year of JUBILEE & my trumpet will sound soon; warn the people” Now I Dont understand much about the Jubilee year nor the Hebrew Calendar. So about 3 days after the Lord came with this confirmation by putting this song in my spirit https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2rOJHQAsm30 (Judy Jacobs Days of Elijah with lyrics) please listen & read lyrics of song to understand. Then just 3 nights ago around 4am the Lord put this one in my spirit https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=REc6uRQRnV0 (Crystal Lewis “People get ready” with lyrics) so my beloved brothers & sisters please pay attention to the words of these songs & those who have knowledge on the Hebrew calendar/Jubilee can add their comments!! But Christ is indeed on his way & as He told sister Claire “My soon/your soon” AMEN & AMEN!!

~Shared by Speshi in Video Comments

4 thoughts on ““Warn the People”

    • Hi Allen Black.. I myself have no clue, …as I am not familiar with all the Jewish feast days, etc.. But if you go to the video link that is in this blog post , you can search for this testimony in the comment’s section.. “Speshi” is the person who posted it and will be better able to answer you if you post your question there.
      🙂 lisa


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