New End Times Blog

The lord has lead me to create a website for the unsaved as no-one in my family is saved.   It is also for Christians of course.   It’s called
I have linked your PDF in my “what happens if you miss the rapture” section and will, in whatever time we have left, distill some of your messages on discernment and walking with Him as He leads.
I’m wondering if you can post this on your blog so others could see it and send it to their loved ones as they see fit.   I hope the Lord and your wonderful Heartdwellers can bless this website and that many souls would be brought to Him through it.  There is, of course, nothing for sale on it, no ads and no profit motive whatsoever.  It’s my wedding gift to Him lol.
Again, that’s
Bless you.   I look forward to meeting you at the rapture!!!
~  Shared by Leah

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