His Longing For All Mankind



Dearest Clare, I had a breakthrough tonight ,as I was in worship, and I began to dance with the Lord. At one point, He lifted my head to His eyes, and I felt a longing like never before. He then gave me a message, which I will be posting tomorrow, but He told me how He longs for the world and how He is right there, all the time. He also began to have tears rolling down His face, which I had not seen before. I comforted Him, as He longs for each and every one of us, believer and nonbeliever alike. Praise the Lord for this breakthrough.

Shared in Video Comments by “Jesus Loves Mankind”


6 thoughts on “His Longing For All Mankind

  1. Thank you for this touching post and for all your posts, and I can’t wait to read the message of Jesus which I hope will be posted as soon as possible.


  2. Sorry for waiting for message from Jesus to be posted and putting that comment, I just heard the video, thank you so much for posting message from Jesus dear Clare, I appreciate it. I was touched by message of Jesus.

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  3. Thank you so much for all the posts you put on this website, God led me to your website, and tonight (11/30/2015) I listened to countless videos that Clare has posted where she reads messages of Jesus, and through those messages Jesus truly opened my heart and soul through so many of the messages and has revealed to me so many things that I never knew about and I have gotten revelation of how truly sweet, merciful and loving he is and he has honestly transformed my way of thinking and given me hope and encouragement through spiritual dryness I feel and not being close to Jesus, but with his and God the Father’s help and that of his Mother Mary, I can say that with their help and support I am filled with hope and more confident that I can reach my destiny and for my life and character to be transformed from glory to glory with help of Jesus and from ashes into something special and beautiful. Please pray for me all of you as well as for those in the world in same or more difficult situation spiritually then I am in.

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