The Daily Grind- With Jesus


Folks, He (Our Lord) gave me a Rhema message on 11/23 that totally confirms this message about laboring for Him even when we don’t feel like it.      (see below video message at bottom)

This past  Monday I asked the Lord if He would give me a message from His past words recorded in the journal “He and I”,   in reply to me., after I said to Him,   “Lord, do you REALLY want me to work all my life..  can’t I win the lottery or something? (just kidding on that last part about the lottery..heh heh)     And He gave me a direct reply as follows!” :         “Find your happiness in serving Me, even in the very smallest details.  Nothing that is for Love is little… you are so used to picturing Me as the God in Heaven that you forgot how I toiled, suffered from cold, heat, hunger just as you do.   But I was always more afflicted than you.     When the last Day comes…”     (and that’s where I lost the page he had me open to due to a sneeze attack  so I asked  Him to give me something else as well to confirm further and He did as follows:):      ….”You remember with what love I gave Myself in My public life in the midst of so many people all crowding around through self-interest?   … Imitate Me,. Don’t bargain with Me.  Go gaily for My sake- Isnt that a good reason for being full of joy?  The only reason.   …. In the morning say, “Everything will be for You, My great Friend.”     Then from time to time during the day a little word such as, “This is for You”      It will warm your heart and bring balm to Mine”.     

I also want to add that though I didn’t share this in the video comments, the following day I asked Him if He had anything more for me, and opened right to this from His words in “He and I”:      “Endure the daily thorns for love of Me.  This prepares your soul for acts of heroism.  You realize, don’t you that  union with God is nothing more than doing His will.  Every human being is called upon sooner or later to rise to some act of heroic goodness and grace for such moment is won by loving acceptance of the daily burdens.  So you see how valuable the  little routine tasks are to one who gives himself to them in loving obedience to Me.     Havnt I told you that in My eyes nothing is small?  It’s the love woven into each task that counts.”


Wowwwww, what a super confirmation ..  He truly IS listening to us you guys, and He replies so plainly and to the point !!     (Thank You, My Christ, My Savior and Jesus♥)    love, lisa


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