“..That is Why You Are Here”


Wow. When we were at the fruit stand we saw several people there not from this country. My first impulse was oh my Lord look at all these people taking over our land!! I felt angry as many of us are struggling with all that is going on with the dissolving of the borders. Then while standing there I prayed and said, “Lord, please speak to me according to my feelings as I know they’re not of You.” The Lord answered me and showed me a vision right there at the fruit stand!

He showed me a quick glance of my past horrific sinful life and how He brought me through my self-created mess and blessed me with the life I have now because I turned to Him and repented. He said “Most of these people don’t even know who I AM that is why you’re here!”  I thought WOW! I thanked the Lord and made an effort to smile at everyone. As I was picking out the corn a lady picking her corn across from me said in her broken language, “Oh too such no very much enough rain.” I looked up at her and smiled and her amazing eyes and very pale face spoke to me in my spirit saying please love me and understand me.” I had to choke back my tears. I said, ” We will be taken care of by the Lord. He will give us rain.” She said, “Oh I pray! I pray! Yes the Lord to I pray!” Her face and eyes spoke a million words to me from the Lord. When we went our separate ways I watched her as she continued her shopping,( as we were finished) and there was a profound difference in her interaction with others still shopping. She was more outgoing, outspoken, relaxed, relieved and she smiled like a lit up Christmas tree.

I thanked my Precious Jesus for this beautiful teaching from Him and the joy from it. Just wanted to share. Oh Lord Jesus, how loving and merciful You are! I love You and I trust in You!

~ Shared by Pamela Viergutz

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