Christ’s Healing Heat

Holy Spirit

I did as the Lord directed us to do a few days ago. My sister came over to visit and she was having pain in her ankles. It immediately came to me on what I had to do. I asked her if she believed that Jesus resided in me. She said yes. I asked her if she believed that Jesus could come through me as a vessel and heal her. She again said yes. I asked her if it was ok if I put my hands on her ankle and ask Jesus to heal her. She agreed. I put my right hand on her ankle and my left hand on her leg. I said a short silent prayer for the Lord to come and heal her ankle and ended the prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. During this short moment, my right hand began to get really hot. When I was finished I pulled away and said that is all, it is done. She looked at me and said she felt her ankle get really hot. I did not want to say anything until she said something to confirm what I was feeling. I responded with a big smile and a ‘yes I felt that too’! I asked about her pain in her ankle and she said that it was much better! Praise the Lord! My sister has not fully accepted Jesus into her heart, so I took the opportunity to exclaim that ‘He is real! This is real!’ It was just incredible and all was possible because of Jesus Christ’s Mercy! The pinnacle of my existence will be the day that I get to meet and embrace with Jesus Christ! Nothing matters more to me than my Lord and my God!

Shared by Paul Thomas

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