Jesus’s Kitchen Baking Lesson

Last night on going to bed, Jesus came (in the spirit) and said”we are going to make scones” Oh I said, interesting. Why are we making scones..??? “you’ll find out”, He said.    We were in a kitchen. (oh I am hoping it is mine in Heaven, it’s lovely!!!!)  and anyway we did, there was more conversation, but this was a teaching moment.
Jesus said He was like the baking powder in the mixture, when heat was applied to the mix (me/us as people) the Baking Powder (Jesus) caused the mix to turn golden brown, light and fluffy, soft and delicious and so attractive to all around in appearance and smell. Even the fruit in the mix would grow tasty and sweet and juicy.  If BP/Jesus was not in the mix, the heat turned it tough, unappetising  and maybe even burnt.
So remember, when we go through trials (heat), Jesus in us can turn the trials/adversity into something so much better and for good. Plus we won’t get burned!
What an awesome wee master class from the Master!!
Thank you!!
love you!
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