Healing In His Wings


I was prescribed a medication a couple days ago and was pretty ill last night due to adverse reactions. Due to severity, could not get up without passing out. Had to get my husband to help-no not a flu, but severe reaction. He was so kind but should have called 911.
So I called out to Jesus for help. No, the nausea and chest and back pain did not go right away, but it eased. Then I saw Him on a white horse. He did not have a crown on but He was dressed all in white with a white hood over His head. The love was so intense between us both. That eased my soul enough to allow me to go to sleep trusting in Him. I was forewarned in a dream two days before the medication was prescribed and told my husband about it. A man in a black cloak told me he was going to poison me, but he told me it would kill me, then he put it in my abdomen. The weird thing is this prescribed med is injected into the abdomen. It killed my husband’s Halloween plans is what it did. And it demonstrated that all things work for the good for those who love the Lord Jesus and are called according to his purpose.
I didn’t want to share this as I feel it draws too much attention to me. But The Lord wanted me to share it with His Brides… and all of it.
~shared by Sandy Schnabel

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