All Aboard- No Time To Waste!

If possible I would like to also encourage the Bride of Christ with a dream I had recently.
I dreamt I was at an airport towards the front door and thought to go for something in my car but realized I did not have a lot of time to board the aircraft as it appeared to be about 15 minutes before takeoff.  The time appeared to have been 11:45 and the flight seem to be scheduled to leave at 12:00.  I decided against going to the car and as I headed by the check-in area, the final preparation was being done before the flight was to take off.  I went to the check-in staff to let them know I was still in the building and was headed to the aircraft.  One of the staff called my name to find out if that was me as they were waiting for everyone who had already checked-in to board.  It was at this time, I had a knowing that I had already checked-in and the only thing left was for me to get on board.  The agent then asked me to confirm my full name which I did and it was about that time I reached into my pocket and pulled out  my passport, which I did not see before this point.  I asked one of the agent to escort me to the plane to save time as I did not want any delays on my way to the aircraft but one of them assured me he did what was needed, so it was for me to hurry and get on board. As I was about to start towards the aircraft area, one of the agent came around as if to escort me to the aircaft area.  I was also told the area around that section was being closed off.  I somehow knew the aircraft would not leave me as my bags were already on the aircraft and normally aircraft will not leave with your luggage and I still had some time so I hurrried on to catch the flight. END OF DREAM.  I believe the Lord is telling us its almost time to go and for us not to get distracted as there is NO TIME to be DISTRACTED at this point.   May we all hear; as Jesus is truly coming SOON. God bless you richly.
Shared by Dee S.

7 thoughts on “All Aboard- No Time To Waste!

  1. Amen Brother! Yesterday I got a song from the Lord standing in a post office sending Clare a card. I have been wondering dear Jesus are you really coming soon? I know there is so much work to do. When this song hit me like a ton of bricks the anointing was so heavy. Its by the Beatles and called HERE COMES THE SUN/SON!!! I havent heard this song for like 30 years!!! Listen to the lyrics! Wow, went to my car and cried happy tears and praised and worshiped him!!

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    • Wow, that encourages me to Sister.. I love how He uses even seculiar songs to get His point across with a wink 🙂
      I asked Him if He was coming soon not too long ago, and pulled a “Bread of Life” card which said, “He which testifieth these things saith, surely I come quickly. Amen, Even so, come Lord Jesus” Rev 32:20
      Praying for us all to be ready for Him and to allow the Holy Spirit to keep us on His path.
      hugs, lisa

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  2. I feel so blessed to have found your channel. I was under such an attack of condemnation and terrible, crippling fear about my relationship with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It was two fold in that it was crippling and destructive yet it had been going on for so long that in some ways despite the overwhelming fear there was a level of comfort because it was ongoing and familiar. However it was destroying me. Praise God for the gift a of the Holy Spirit and the gift and ability to bind and cast down the attacks of the enemy. It is a beautiful gift for the Savior and I am learning to hold on.

    Today for the first time I saw a vision of Jesus looking at me and holding out His hand and gesturing for me to come nearer. I saw my hand reach out to grasp His and He began to draw me closer. Then of course there was an interruption. I peaked a few minutes ago and He is still standing there, patiently holding out His hand. I pray for the courage to grasp it and move forward. May God richly bless you Clare, Ezekial and Carol for this ministry. I know you are His servants and our worship must be directed to Jesus and not another human, but I am grateful for your love and sincerity that shines through. God bless you all. So sorry about your “Bruno!” But God is there to pick up the pieces.

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    • praying for you to grasp His hand, sister.. that is a beautiful vision. praying for you to receive His grace being extended to you even now to have HIS courage to take His hand!

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  3. Praise God! I also had a dream that Jesus was looking at me and gesturing me to get on the airplane. So I grasped my luggage and get on the airplane. End of dream.

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    • that is awesome! He is speaking to all of us in different ways to keep ourselves in readiness.. even if He should tarry, our very own lives are numbered and all we have is “today” .. not tomorrow.
      Thanks for sharing your dream !
      hugs, lisa


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