Our Pets with Jesus in Heaven


Dearest Clare, I know how deep and painful the grieving process is when we lose a precious pet that has been so close to us for so many years. I so understand what you’re going through and it will take time to work through this. My continuous prayers are with you and Ezekiel and also covering the other things going on in your life.

Yesterday I was working on my Left Behind folder (still burning CD’s) and just out of nowhere the Lord showed me just a quick flash of a vision. He was in heaven standing on this beautiful lawn with dogs and cats encircling Him and He was laughing and expressing SO much love for them as He looked down at them. He loves the animals so much! The cats were purring and going round and round His legs and the dogs were all trying to get closer to Him to sit next to Him. The dogs and cats all LOVED each other and loved Jesus. Some dogs were leaning on Him, some laying at His feet. My cat “Tulip” was right there with them. That was it.

I believe He was showing me that my cat is waiting for me and for me to get the message to you that Bruno is waiting for you

~Shared by Pamela Viergutz

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