Jesus’s Healing at the Gym

Jesus, our intercessor

A healing testimony from last Sunday:

….At our medium sized church in GA I assist and help out with playtime for all the children. In our adequate, but not overly new nor updated, indoor gym we decided to play soccer. The flooring is concrete- old and very hard concrete.. We divided up to 4 teams of five each. A new 10 year old or so boy, with a name that i did not catch, fell hard just 10 minutes in. He had just moved the soccer ball amazingly around dribbling with ease between players. And just as he was to shoot on goal he slipped and landed with a thud and a loud crack on his left hand and arm. I knew that if the arm wasn’t broken it was surely injured in a traumatic way. He screamed and cried and ran to the side of the gym.

I followed him quickly and asked if i could pray for him. He nodded his head with tears streaming down as he clutched his injured arm. I could be wrong- but i think he broke it at the elbow….. I simply said ” in the name of Jesus be healed, all pain go!!!”…..I asked him a few seconds later….”any pain?”. He said no and went back into the game rather confused yet relived on what just happened. …This was not only a healing, but a miracle…..all credit to Him who lives inside me……………..We ALL can heal….if you believe and ask, seek, and knock.

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