Postponed For Love’s Sake


… Had a dream the other night that I was at my wedding, all dressed in white in the most beautiful gown, more beautiful than the one I wore ate my earthly wedding.  I saw the back of my groom’s head and he was dressed up as well, but he had dark curly hair -He seemed to be in his early twenties standing next to the best man.  Suddenly, while on the aisle, I left the wedding to help a very small child.  He needed my love and guidance and my heart was so filled with compassion for him that I had to postpone the wedding.  Remarkably the groom sent word to me while I was with the boy and my guests and bridesmaids, that He postponed the wedding as I was doing exactly what He wanted me to and that His love was with me.  I knew exactly  who the groom was when I awakened-and I loved to see myself looking so young again and glowing, bit of pride, but it was a gift of insight.

~Shared by Sandy Schnabel

2 thoughts on “Postponed For Love’s Sake

    • Amen brother.. everytime I upload something someone sends me, I’m blessed also, .. the Lord really goes out of His way to give us these testimonies to “jump start” our faith and keep our eyes focused on Him. God bless you brother!

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