Rhema Confirmations

YBSMike 2 hours ago (edited)

Receiving a Rhema Word Confirmation From the Holy Spirit After Prayer:

I completely base it off the TITLE/Chapter. I then read each paragraph till the end of the Chapter. For example, I asked earlier about some Vatican history that is said to be a demonic possession where the top exorcist forced judas to speak to them about their evil works that changed the Church. It’s amazing reading but I wanted to be sure. I asked: Jesus, is this information true as it is stated in this document? My answer: Fruitfulness. It’s fruitful! I’m no Clare, and this is the first time I have gotten that reading but, I’d say reading it will be Fruitful! If it were ALL perfectly factual, I’d expect “Holy Spirit”. I may be wrong but that is how I interpreted it today.

Most are plain, I ask daily ” Jesus, please give me a word, what should I be focused on to be better adhered to your will? And it is ALWAYS my most recent sin like lazy or lying. Clare has some videos on this but I use the Chapter AS my answer to the question of the moment and then absorb the scripture within that Chapter. It has been for me, astoundingly accurate. Once I know I’m where i’d need to be, say, after a reading that shows “Holy Spirit” about my own status, the next readings seem to turn Prophetic.

I have been warned 2x about gossip before somebody called me and I later realized I had gossiped. It first deals with your faults, then helps you to prevent what is soon to come. i’d love Clares answer after this opinion because I am also quite new at this. My 2 daughters and future son in law and one other have had the same results and consider this method very accurate. I have to add this. I asked jesus to give ME the answer “JOY” if he were happy with my status. I had never gotten Joy before but looked it up in the book. I said if you’re not happy with me, show me why….. I closed my eyes, flipped the book around a bit, Prayed to bind all lying Spirits in Jesus name, open the book by sliding my finger along the pages until I feel a gut pause, this is almost done in 1 second only. I set it down upside down like a triangle with those pages open down, for a few seconds, pick it up, and it was JOY! I was impressed and have become severely confident in these readings, I do them all through the day with any questions I may have for him. I hope this Helps…

4 thoughts on “Rhema Confirmations

  1. Such a powerful confirmation. I am a rids hare driver. Yesterday I was starting my drive day off as I always do, asking in sincere humility and gratitude I asked Father to please put the armor of God upon my body. Then I asked Jesus to please drive with me and let my spiritual light shine in this world of terrible darkness and Father willing, to please give me an opportunity to plant a Holy seed of the gospel of Jesus, and the impending Kingdom of God into a rider.

    My first rider was named Raphael, something about him made my spiritual radar go off, nothING specific, just a feeling of amazing peace and comfort! Next rider named Michael, same feeling. Then my next rider summoned me to a location right next to a street named; Holy Spirit Avenue!! I was very thankful and completely at peace. God speaks to us every day. Just open your spiritual eyes, by G. Here is an example of how Father speaks to us. I am very tired, just came in from working. Sitting in my favorite chair with a cool breeze blowing gently upon my face. I dozed off writing this comment. I use my smartphone with a small one finger keyboard. I woke up and my thumb was resting to the right of the above words”by G” I did not type that!! The G is even capitalized!

    Nothing more to say here, God and the Holy Spirit, and our precious savior Jesus ARE REAL!!! Love you heart dwellers. Jeff

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    • Wow!!! I love how God did that with your smartphone 🙂 He does have a sense of humor too… love it! 🙂 thanks so much for sharing and your awesome comment brother..
      praying for you while you’re on the road!

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  2. I wanted to add something very important here regarding Rhemas.. I’ve found that our Lord will often give them to us at HIS timing and not necessarily when we expect Him to . A lot of times I will open up the scriptures expecting an immediate response from Him, but He doesn’t answer to our “beck and call” always when we expect Him to. . He will give me a reply and confirmation when I request sincerely from my heart,….. but He won’t necessarily have me always open to something right at that second.. The reason is because He wants me to follow HIS leading in all things with HIM calling the shots… and there is a danger our emotions can end up making even the scriptures an idol before the Lord and focus on it as an oracle book instead of seeking answers from our Lord, Himself.
    An example is the other day I asked Him to give me a Rhema when I wanted Him to regarding something but when I opened to something with His anointed words in it, nothing applied to what I was asking. I knew it wasn’t HIS timing yet. Then later that day I was driving home from work, and the Holy Spirit nudge me to look at a bumper sticker on someone’s car in front of me in traffic. The bumper sticker said, ‘In God I trust” and I KNEW that was HIS reply! God works unexpectedly at times to keep us on our spiritual toes! 🙂
    hugs, lisa


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