His Mercy is Everlasting


Jesus’ mercy is so wonderful.  My mother in1996 was on her death bed with very few days left to live. Her heart was failing. She had been a Buddhist all her life and on her last day of consciousness she told me she wanted to be Christian. I saw her repenting in tears. She slipped into unconsciousness for 2 days. I am positive that Jesus reached out to her .  On Sunday morning (Easter) , Jesus spoke to me and asked me to release her to him. She was hanging on because of me. He told me he could take better care of her than I could. I went to her room and told her its ok. Don’t worry about me; God is calling you. She passed 2 hrs later. The whole room smelled like lilacs. (there was snow outside. No flowers in bloom yet)I later had a dream. Jesus let me see my mom. My mom was so happy. She told me she could run and jump now.  Thank you so much Lord. Thank you Thank you Thank you

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One thought on “His Mercy is Everlasting

  1. I was thinking and praying about the message concerning the Rapture, delayed due to the intercession of the Bride.The story of Abigail and David came to mind, so I read it again. What a beautiful picture of our Lord and his Bride! It also speaks about why we were instructed not to give gifts to ourselves or others right now, but focus on preparing for the imminent arrival of our King!

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