I breathe i whisper i call your name.


Lord, im praying today with a harden heart, lord since i was a baby you have groomed me to follow you, from the time I was born till my teenage years I followed you I went to church and although I didn’t understand everything about you I knew you were real, my teenage years you granted me the gift of visions, although I was too young to understand what exactly I was to do you told me about tragic accidents that were going to happen such as the white car that was going to go around the railroad track gate just as a train was about to cross just a half a block from where I lived and where I grew up, but I was too young to understand or to even get people to believe me less than a year that vision you gave me came true just as…

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6 thoughts on “I breathe i whisper i call your name.

  1. You dont have to tell me it terrible I lived it, lol in fact some stuff i am still living with, like sleep paralysis. Close your eyes and stiffen your body so it cant move now imagine a deep Halloween type voice laughing at you, then he says 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 yeah its enough to scare the living sh-t out of you especially when u try to move but cant.a friend of mind told me i dont have the holy spirit in me thats why god has been ignoring me. That hurt and last night i cried and screamed at god for putting me throw this, i demanded he come talk to me (he never showed) FIGURES he would ignore me again

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    • Dear truckerofgod.. you actually DO have the Holy Spirit in you.. You can still have the Holy Spirit in you and be attacked by demons.. as well as have demons hanging around you due to past mistakes. Our Lord permits it as a refining process for us.. sometimes we go through hard lessons due to past disobediences. The Holy Spirit is hiding within you and allowing these entities to hang around for a time. If He were to withdraw from you totally, then you would become overtaken by them. That is why they are harassing you.. because they know you have a cord connected with you and the Holy Spirit.
      I went through similar. I loved the Lord but I strayed out of His will into pagan and new age territory in past years. Once I had a demon try to pull my soul out of my body, and I rebuked it in Jesus’s name., and it immediately stopped. Then it gave me a black and white “vision” of a jack-o-lantern smiling at me, as if to say, “Hey, I was only trying to have fun” I thought it was some sort of elf or gnome but it was a demon.
      After the Lord enlightened me of my blindness regarding choices I made, I strove to follow Him and totally left all of the pagan things I was involved with. Then I got sleep paralysis even after that.. because the demons didn’t like it that I was choosing to detach from them. I also thought I was being ignored by God., but He was there all the while and I just didn’t know it.
      I will pray for you , brother and I also recommend tonight that you get some oil.. like olive oil, or any kind., and pray over it asking God if He would anoint the oil. Then rub it on your forehead as well as on each corner of your bed and doorway. Say the binding prayer too.. focusing especially on mentioning Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, Who died as your Sacrifice and shed His blood for you and Who rose again and is alive.
      I had many episodes of sleep paralysis, too many to count. The fact that you are discouraged is also coming from the demons as well. because that is one of their biggest weapons- discouragement and making a person think God isn’t bothered with them. First of all, if God wasn’t aware of you, He wouldn’t have created you in the first place.. and every single person on this Earth — including mentally ill and homeless folks, were each intentionally created by God with a unique personality no one else has, so that we all can have a separate relationship with Him that no one else can know but He and Us! So don’t buy into that “God’s ignoring me” lie .. If He was even ignoring you, He would not be leading me to type this reply either.


    • Okay Trucker of God.. I asked our Lord to give me a Rhema expressly for you.. from His anointed past words to a French woman in the 1930’s- 1950. (she recorded in her journal which got published) I asked Him, Lord, do you have any words to encourage our Trucker friend who is going through discouragement from the demons harassing him? Lord, He seems to think you are totally ignoring Him when you are only being temporarily silent at this period in his life.
      Here’s what I BLINDLY opened to for you from HIM, in blind faith,. “…Speak in your own words; make up songs and prayers for Me as they come to your mind. Be My little companion; I am yours. I have never left you since you wre born, and even before you ever came into the world, I thought of you with such tenderness. Thank your God for all that came from His heart for you.. and show your gratitude by asking Me to help you.”
      ps.. you can say this whenever you are paralyized… ” In Jesus Christ, the Son of Man’s name, Who was crucified on the cross as my living Sacrifice for my sins, and shed His blood for me, purchasing me on Calvary, I bind all demons and all those who sent them in Jesus Christ the Son of man’s name and command them to leave me, leave this house, neighborhood and State and go where Jesus will show you to go.”
      Now if the demon manages to be able to paralyze your thoughts and mouth (as what happened to me once) you can VISUALIZE Jesus all covered in His blood dying on the cross at Calvary for you in your mind.


  2. TRUCKER; I can think of nothing more horrifying. I will pray for you. Try to fast a few days with the intent of glorifying Father, not demanding an answer. At the end, ask Jesus to help you if there might be a hidden sin that you are not aware of, ask for forgiveness with love in your heart, not with the intent of pleasing, with absolute humility and sincerity.
    Jesus will help you. Before you lie down, read Psalm 91 out loud, ask Jesus for angelic protection and again with sincerity and humility, Praise Father and ask for the armor of God to be put on you and, again with a contrite and loving spirit, ask for any holes in your armor to be filled as your armor is washed in the precious blood of Jesus!!
    Safe and joyful journey. Blessings

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