Just Say “No” To Self Condemnation


Last year, the Lord gave me a dream right before completely waking up from sleep one morning.    In this dream, I saw nothing..  everything was totally black, but I heard a man’s voice scream out harshly and with a lot of condemnation, “She’s nothing…. NOTTTTHIINNNNG!!!!”   in an obvious tone like: “It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to reveal that she is a total idiot.   Why are you wasting your time with her?”      In this dream I got the impression the person, (and in retrospect now, I believe it was Satan challenging the Lord)  was referring to me.

Suddenly in reply, I heard Jesus respond back very calmly , without batting an eyelash to whomever was screaming at him regarding this:    “I build My Church out of nothing”.    Was His reply back .      Whomever it was who was challenging Him did not have a come-back and our Lord got the last word. (Because He IS the Word! ♥)

The Lord’s reply to this day is very encouraging to me.   Yes, we humans are nothing but dust, but yet we also are dust that is precious in God’s eyes, and Whom He breathed His Spirit into.  God made diamonds out of dust and He can do the same with us,   It is by His Spirit in us, that anything is possible, and our potential to be used as an awesome instrument of our Lord knows no limits.   The more we know that we are nothing, and that there is nothing wrong with being nothing in and of ourselves, then the more fun God has in being able to fill our nothing with Himself!         And wow., that is really being united with Him.., and that is just what the dark side does not want.. they hate seeing a person who is emptied of self but full of God’s Spirit using them as His instrument of love.

So the Lord reminds me that everytime I feel a little self-condemnation wether by myself , by others or by demons ,  All I have to realize is,  ‘Okay, so I’m nothing.. so What! God knows that !  it’s not about me, but it’s about our Lord and what He can do !    Nothing is impossible to Him!”  And God loves us all so much..  May we stop being critical of ourselves and others, and start noticing our Lord within us and within others.

John the Baptist told those who pointed out to him that Jesus was baptizing more people than him, and getting more followers how delighted he was that this was the case.   Instead of becoming jealous, he was actually  thrilled.   “I must decrease and He must increase”, he replied.     The cup may be half empty but it is also half full, and to be totally Filled up by Him is the most awesome Thing that can ever happen to us in our lives!

4 thoughts on “Just Say “No” To Self Condemnation

      • Hi Jarbas.., The Lord gave me that message in a dream.. it was unexpected.. but He has not given me anything regarding someone divorced and remarried.. however, if someone is in that condition., they need not let it discourage them from getting close to our Lord. What I would do if in that situation is just say, “Lord, I realize now that I made past choices that were not necessarily in Your Sovereign Will, but were choices I personally wanted to make without getting your guidance. I ask Your forgiveness for having made choices in relationships that were not what You were leading me in.. so I am placing ALL involved into your hands … my life is like a tangled ball of yarn, that only YOU can untangle the right way., so I’m handing it over to you, Lord. If there were any decisions in my life that I made contrary to YOUR will, I ask for your forgivness and mercy regarding them, And the grace to follow you as Lord from this point forward.. never acting independently of You any longer in my life..
        Please bless and help all those involved in my past that I have hurt.. I ask Your forgiveness and if You could heal what I may have caused.. May You be able to make good come from even this but also help me to learn from this and move foreward with a new beginning in obedience and love toward YOU in my life.
        thank You, Jesus! love, _____..

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