“Alone” Yet Never Truly Alone


I had an experience in church this morning that confirms 100% to me that while we may feel we are alone at times, … Jesus is truly with us.   It is often WE who get distracted from Him, but He never gets distracted from us!     He doesn’t condemn us when we are distracted though.. He only asks us to pick ourselves back up and refocus on Him again and to allow the Holy Spirit to train us bit by bit away from our “spiritual lack of focus”.   Sometimes we are like little children that are learning how to walk and we stumble at times.    So He helps us back up and we keep on trying to walk until we eventually “get it”.

Well , what occurred this morning was just beautiful.      My pastor was led to speak to us about how when we are faithful to what the Lord asks of us in our lives, we often will not “fit in” with those around us.  This may cause us to try to compromise with others to “keep the peace” but we need to seek only the Lord’s approval first in all situations., never the approval of others at the expense of our Lord’s approval.   We will often feel alone and misunderstood and yet our Lord , Himself, also felt isolated, alone and misunderstood on this Earth because His focus was on living for the Father’s approval..  not to win the approval of everyone around Him.

He mentioned that while we may feel at these times that we are alone, we are NEVER alone, as Jesus never abandons us.  HE was even abandoned by His own disciples at one point,  but yet HE will never abandon us!

After this service was over, there was an opportunity for anyone to go up to the front of the church and be prayed over and anointed with oil.   A young man went foreward because he will be facing surgery this week.  He was the only one who went foreward, but I felt the Holy Spirit urge me to also get up there.. and not worry about what others would think of me.    So I DID also go foreward and this pastor anointed both of us and prayed over us.     While he was praying over us, I felt someone standing directly behind me and the young man getting prayed for.    I turned my head slightly but no one was visible,. yet I still distinctly felt the presence of a third Person right behind us.     After the service was completely over, I mentioned to the other person getting prayed for about what I sensed, and asked if he also sensed someone standing right with us.    He said, “no, but when the pastor anointed my head and prayed over me, I felt a surge of energy enter me and  I felt such a feeling of comfort..   I know it was God Who did that!”

Upon greeting my pastor on my way out of church I mentioned this experience to him about distinctly sensing Someone standing right there with us when no one was visible.    He was encouraged and mentioned how that confirms the message he was led to give.. how we may be alone, but we are never Alone!

5 thoughts on ““Alone” Yet Never Truly Alone

  1. How wonderful it feels to be one with our Father’s heart and know that nothing on this terrible satanic world can ever separate us from our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Praise Jesus!! Thank you so much for sharing, Lisa!
    Blessings Heart Dwellers!
    Jeffrey Watson

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    • Amen! I always knew He is with us, but when things like what I shared occur to take away any excuses for doubt, the reality of Him truly sets in!! hugs, lisa 🙂


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