A Sick Person + A Believer = A Miracle

Published on Oct 3, 2015

Jesus just taught us YESTERDAY, in the formula for healing video, all that is needed for a miracle, a sick person, and a believer that equals a miracle. Natividad, a hemodialysis nurse, prayed this simple formula for a severely vision impaired patient and she was healed!!! Her story is below.

Wow wee! Praise God! I am a home health nurse. I specialize in hemodialysis. I love Jesus so much and your messages bring me closer to him every day!

I have a patient who complained yesterday she couldn’t see. Everything was just shapes. I asked her if she could see me, we were maybe 2 feet from one another, she said only my shape. It was black. I asked her what color shirt I gad on. It was white, she said black.

After I got her on treatment I sensed her sorrow not being able to see. I asked her if she would like me to pray for healing, she started crying and said yes. So, i followed Jesus formula. Nothing fancy.

I asked her if she believed in Jesus, she said yes. I asked her if she believed Jesus could heal her , she said yes. I asked her if she believed Jesus lived in my heart and through me, a vessel, that he would restore her sight.

She cried and said, yes, yes, yes. We prayed. After treatment the doctor sent her to her eye doctor for treatment. And, she mentioned, the eye doctor pretty much wrote her off as a lost cause. I packed my things and left. I knew in my heart she would see again. Before I went to bed last night my son and I prayed.

I remembered my patient and thanked the Lord for her healing. I was drifting off to sleep and my text message went off. It was my patient praising God….SHE GOT HER SIGHT BACK AND SAID SHE SEES EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE!!

Isn’t this a wonderful testament! As soon as I heard Jesus talking about healing I knew he was talking to me for my patient! I knew it!

Praise God, What is needed for a miracle, a sick person, a believer, equals a miracle.


11 thoughts on “A Sick Person + A Believer = A Miracle

  1. How wonderful x how uplifting x I am Praising YHWH for that lady’s eyesight \o/ Abba has healed me miraculously now twice of very serious conditions so I can agree with her formula thank you Jesus for what you did on the Cross for us all x we love you Lord !!!!!

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  2. It is beautyfull!!! Natividad is my friend, she is the most beautyfull lady i know. I met her in a miraculous way too!! I know she is being led by Jesus personally, and her heart is formed by Him, showing so much love for lost souls.

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  3. Oh my, its 5 am here in wisconsin, and I woke up suddenly, I turned on my tv and the first thing that was on was news, and they were reporting the war in east Jerusalem and how the Palestinian s just attack east Jerusalem, my question is the bible says just before jesus comes a army will be standing outside the gates of Jerusalem, now theres no army YET outside the gates but could this be the start of that war he was talking about? Not to mention the massive flooding that has taken over Charleston SC. Man in some spots the water is higher then car roofs, and they just said now as im writing this another 10in yet before it stops. Its kinda scary.

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    • Hi brother.. I know that Jesus said there will be wars and rumors of wars in general.. yet with Isreal, many have noticing what you are noticing.. But I would definitely keep an eye on Israel and take notice to who is going to be surrounding her… It seems we are definitely in the End Times time frame now. Even the weather extremes and earthquakes have been predicted. the Late pastor David Wilkerson was given visions about this back in the 70’s.

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