Our Jesus/Yeshuah- Seeing Him Who Is Invisible

1Jesus  painting by Akiane

“….yes, our Father’s Son is truly the Catch of the eons! 🙂         I’ll never forget years ago having a visitation from Him..   I was not permitted to SEE Him, but I heard Him speak to me, and I felt His presence so strongly in my room.      My mother had asked me to pray for my sister and father as there was a fued going on between them that was threatening to break up our family.      I agonized in prayer over them one night, but started feeling stomach cramps from the frustration.   I stopped praying and began complaining to the Lord in prayer, ‘God, it’s NOT Fair that I’m even getting a stomach ulcer over those two!”   I complained.     Suddenly I felt His presence at the left foot of my bed from where I was laying..  (From where He was standing, it would be the right foot of my bed)        I heard Him say clearly,  and very gently and totally calm,  “My Body suffers”.   (meaning we who are a part of His Body have the opportunity to suffer for the good of others)        I pondered on what He said and as He stood there I was able to sense His total Majesty..  His Utmost Royalty, yet also mingled with that His total lack of Self…   His humbleness.   Even though I sensed that He is a King beyond all Kings in All Universes everywhere, I also sensed He is totally selfless..  no ego.    Totally gentle, peaceful, calm., and  absolutely no airs about Him as even that pomp and arrogance of some   who are of much lesser stature on this Earth .. such as company supervisors, presidents, etc who are full of themselves due to being over others in their jobs.         I noticed, too, that often when He speaks, He doesn’t ramble like I’m doing here.. He gets to the point with total calmness.

I was in awe.  I can’t forget that encounter to this day.   I made a video of it over a year ago on my Youtube channel.           From that experience, I no longer have to see Him to be smitten by Him.    I can’t wait to see Him of course, but His inner nature is sooooooo beautiful, .. .so majestic and yet humble and classy all at the same time, that He could look really ugly physically and it wouldn’t make a difference because He would still be the most beautiful of all.       And I still can’t get over how He took the time to visit even me…         He seems to be teaching me in my life to “Endure as one who sees Him in the Invisible”  (Hebrews 11:27)”….

Woww… We are truly serving the most Beautiful Person in existence .. God and Man… our Father’s Son that our Heavenly Father suffered so much in asking Him to come to Earth and be our Lamb of Sacrifice- and He did so willingly.   He did not complain that “it is not fair”  and His sufferings were (and are to this day) far more than mere stomach cramps!

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    Want to share with everyone a visitation I had of Jesus Christ in the early 1990’s.. I posted this over at the Heart Dwelling With Jesus wordpress blog, but I also want to ‘reblog” it here as well.. since it has to do with our beautiful King in Exile.. Yes, He is Real.. and Alive and Well., and He definitely is Who He said He Is!

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