In Front of the Chamber Door


I am beside myself at this moment. I’m glad I’m sitting down.

I have been seeing a door for several weeks. Every day, several times a day. I thought it was just floating thoughts of my wondering about the wedding banquet so I never mentioned it but now you all are confirming that this is our Lord showing me this door! I’m being shown what I believe is actually the gate into the wedding chamber. It’s always the same vision over and over. The Lord is standing in front of the chamber door. The door is made of beige/golden bricks and it is arched shaped at the top. There are a couple of steps up to the door and there is a vine over the top of the door. Jesus always has His Hand on the door handle. This is all I ever see. Is anyone else seeing this? Wow this is amazing.

~Shared by Pamela Viergutz in Still Small Voice video comments

8 thoughts on “In Front of the Chamber Door

  1. that sounds just beautiful.. wow.. Sounds to me that Jesus is saying , “I am at the door”. The vine at the top of the door seems to represent how He is the Vine.. the golden bricks seem to represent each person in the Body of Christ.. how He is our Chief Cornerstone, and we are all little bricks that make up His Body… formed , cut and shaped to size so we can fit in our place where He places us.

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  2. I can see what your description, it’s so awesome!!!

    I always get caught up in this day dream, same thing over and over. Everyone news etc is reporting around the world this asteroid shower or invasion and people see it coming and they are looking up in fear… The people always have on the clothes from 1940’s… I go outside and see the most remarkable single cloud that had many petals to it… There’s rainbows and it iridescence, there’s choirs or Angels, different choirs singing different things but all in harmony. It’s like the choir in the background sounds like a boys choir that never breathes just “aaaaaaahhhh”. My husband comes out and sees what I see, we hear screaming from TV, we think of our kids but know they are where they’re supposed to be. Then PAAAAA!!! White flash and I’m on the cloud, in a comfortable white robe, I feel almost too good to bare, a family member meets me and really just helps me get my bearings. Then paaaa! I’m in the same place but I’m with Jesus and I melt into Him!!!

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    • wow! I pray before picking the pictures for each blog post, and I am even amazed at how I am often so strongly guided in various choices. .. even in spite of myself, He is guiding me for this blog.

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  3. Ok, this is what I have been experiencing since June, I think about then. I am in a beautiful gown, I am standing before a grand old world mahogany door that has an arch on the top. I have an old fashioned brass key in the pocket of my dress. I know Jesus is waiting for me on the other side. I know the key is for my entrance into the beautiful grand ball event with music and plenty of people.

    Anyone seeing anything like this?

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  4. Thank-you so much for posting this and all the visions, dreams, and messages from our Lord Jesus.

    I have a question pertaining to your latest video, ” this is a time for preparation.”
    Could you please, give me some insite on how to protect and replentish myself, also getting my thinking to be controlled by His Spirit?
    Thank-you and God bless you all for this ministry and what you do, I have learned so much from your channel!

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    • Hi sis… I saw that video tonight, and from what I gathered from what our Lord told Clare.. we need to allow Him first of all to separate us from distractions that would take our focus off of Him.. and this also includes watching the news, seculiar music and even Christian music that doesn’t make us drawn to HIM but mainly to the nice voices and melodies of the singers; shopping for things when He wants us to allow HIMSELF to be our provider, stop following “the Jones” and being content with less and losing our need for mankind’s approval in our daily lives… basically allowing the Lord to lead us to simplifying our lives to make more room for Him in our hearts. Where our treasure is, our hearts will be also, so we all need to be mindful of this on a daily basis. We don’t want to end up like Lot’s wife whose heart was still in Sodom.
      Then we need to make time for the Lord.. seek Him out, pray to Him, seek Him in prayer each morning and asking Him for the grace that He will become the center of our lives… the Reason for our lives.. and the Love of our lives.
      Over an hour ago, I opened to this from “He and I”, where He says to Gabrielle (these are His actual words to her recorded by her in the 1940’s)
      “Give all your loving attention to each little moment. Think of this all your life through. Nothing of the past. Nothing of the future. Only the present moment of love.” Live with Him.. with His eyes upon you moment by moment every day up to the day you are either called Home with Him or He comes for you while you are still alive. Each morning seek Him out fresh., since our untamed minds can wander very far from Him while we are asleep, so that when we wake up, we have to almost start ‘all over again” just to find Him in prayer. Like searching for the Sun each morning.
      We need more than enough oil in our Lamps… and oil represents the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t mean we need to worship Him all emotional ,. weeping and carrying on ., … we can be receiving His Oil in our spirits in quiet ways too.. Asking Him to open us up so that we can receive from His Spirit.. and we need to make a point to make time for Him.. to ask Him to help us to connect with Him… in spite of ourselves. The Wise Virgins will be doing this. The foolish Virgins will be content with their past religious experiences and will still continue to be preoccupied with distractions as other “good socially acceptable people” do… but never asking the Lord… “Lord , is this what You want ME to be doing?.. is this what You want me to buying?, etc?
      He is calling out a People … a Remnant from others.. and He is asking that Remnant to listen to HIM.. and not seek the approval from others.. even their families, church families, etc., etc.

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