No Condemnation



Dearest Clare,

it is as though this message was written for me. Oh how I struggle with this. I am constantly feeling that I am not worthy enough to make the Rapture. I’m so on guard with what I say and do each day that I exhaust myself in Repenting over and over. I wake up several times in the night asking the Lord to please bring anything and everything to my mind that I need to ask forgiveness for so I don’t dare miss the Rapture or cause an unbeliever to stumble! Remember when I told you how I kept seeing the numbers 911? Last night the Lord woke me up and said to me, “It is not you that lives. It is I that live in you that makes you alive. You belong to Me. Your body is not yours, it is Mine. Do not fear.”  Then I thought about all the extra angels He sent to us because of the increase of the demons that have just been released in the world because of Cern. The scripture then came to my mind: For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. I looked the scripture up and it was Psalms 91:11.

God is amazing.

~Testimony shared by Pamela Viergutz from Still Small Voice’s video comments:

8 thoughts on “No Condemnation

  1. At 11:11pm, i heard in my spirit after i read your wonderful message– Matt 11:29, Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.
    Yes, Jesus is quite amazing, so loving, sweet, kind and incredible!!
    Take care brother!
    Love you in Christ!


    • At 11:11pm, i heard in my spirit after i read your wonderful message– Matt 11:29, Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.
      Yes, Jesus is quite amazing, so loving, sweet, kind and incredible!!
      Take care,
      Love you in Christ!

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  2. Hi, I’d just like to give thanks to you Lord Jesus! an secondly the still small voice team for posting your humble inspiring videos on YouTube by far the best channel! Your amazing thanks.

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  3. Just listened to new message, “Please your parents or me”. Often wondered if that includes marriage and spouse stagnant and unwilling to grow in Him after 22 years of marriage and professing to be Christian. I want to be sold out to Him doing His bidding but am forced to dampen fire and fervancy for the Lord to keep the peace. Children involved. Doctrine no longer aligns either. He would be very caustic to your messages if he knew I were listening to something like this. I am truly at a loss as to what to do with this, as I know God hates divorce, yet if I knew He were indicating, I would want to leave all behind for Him. I feel because of being yoked to this man, I am going thru the motions. I know I could not sustain this if I thought the rapture were far off. I have I fire that I don’t want quenched, and I don’t know what to do in this situation for His glory.


  4. Hi beloved Clare, I just want to thank you and your husband Ezekiel and also Carol for sharing these beautifully anointed messages from our Lord Jesus, I pray He blesses you abundantly! Well, I just wanted your advice on something… A while back I came across a ministry called Almighty wind which is about a prophet called Elisabeth who calls herself Elijah of new, Jesus’s one and only ring maiden and God, Holy Spirit and Jesus’s mouthpiece who calls the true Bride, also calls herself our spiritual mother, pastor and an apostle. She prophecies by speaking in tongues. I started following them for a while, wrote them later, send them my testimony and got in contact with them. At that point in time, I felt nothing wrong with this ministry. I befriended other followers of them on FB, they’re a very tight nit group of people who see Elisabeth as their leader. Some of the things preached concerned judgement to certian countries, exposing bad people, about the Bride, end time, and about rebuking sinners and evil. I thought that it was good and anointed and in truth and a lot of it do come across as good, and I believe that it was at one point but something just started to not feel right. Also that there is none like their ministry or prophet and those who turn against them are exposed by God as wolfs in sheeps clothing. Also that Holy Spirit is co ruler and creator as Gods wife and Jesus’s mother, the only queen of heavan and you don’t have to accept that revelation but if you speak against it in anyway, your soul is in great danger. I just slowly started to get more and more un involved with them, a specially after seeing the way they treated others on FB, rebuking all who don’t agree with them and also up to the point where they called others reprobate. Later, in the most supernatural way, I found myself lead to your channel. Imidiatly I could hear Jesus, I could feel His love for me. It was the video about how to know if you are His Bride, and I’ve been listening everyday ever since. It has been such a blessing to me there are no words. It is not at all like Almighty wind. Well, I could see myself changing as the Lord taught me more about His love and I grew in intimacy with Him, It was no longer about Elisabeth or judgement all the time or only being asosiated only with the things of their ministry. I felt lead to share two videos on my FB (I’ve seen heaven and the last message to the world by Billy Graham) and they did not at all agree. They accused Billy of being false and that I should remove my videos, I said I did not agree with them. Afterward, I recieved a frightening letter from Elisabeth telling me about how Jesus was angry with me, how I endangered His sheep and Lambs and how His Bride would never do that and wanting me to repent of those videos and redeem myself, unless I want His forgiveness and she made alot of accusations against me that I knew could not be true. She also said that Jesus was pleading with me one last time. However it caused great confusement and I was so so so hurt by it. I had opened up my heart to them and trusted them. I shared two still small voice videos with them and got so bashed and accused of following after strange fire, that I would be held acountable for betraying Elisabeth. They started painting me as this entirely different person, but they don’t even really know me. So much hate, condemnation, judgement. I’m still confused about it all, scared about trusting any ministry ever again and very hurt. Since then I’v received Messages of extreme rebuke from the ministry’s followers. I’m talking more than 40 voice notes from only one of them. She send audio recordings to me and said stuff like I was being pruned and I should quit my career or else I would lose my soul. This was Elisabeth’s letter to me:

    Shalom Beloved Sis Charlize, please see the message below from Momma Rm, Prophet Elisabeth Elijah, she sends you her love and says she’s tired otherwise she would put this in an audio for you. But she sends her love, her love for you as her Spiritual Daughter has not changed, do you still think of her as your Spiritual Mom, and your Pastor? A pastor rebukes and warns when they see someone going astray out of love for that person’s soul.
    Beloved Daughter Charlize, Why are you leading people to Billy Graham, a Sunday Church preacher?

    Beloved Daughter Charlize why are you not leading the sheep and lambs to drink of the living water, drink the spiritual milk, and eat the spiritual meat at

    What has happened that you now endanger the sheep and lambs of YAHUSHUA , I am your Pastor and told you there is no way to Heaven except through the Name of YAHUSHUA and the Blood of YAHUSHUA!

    Billy Graham when he was young taught there was no way to Heaven except through the Name and Blood of JESUS CHRIST, I believe this but he stopped believing this. I just use the Hebrew Name . Charlize you must repent, redeem what you have done after watching the videos!

    the Bride of YAHUSHUA never endanger YAHUSHUA’S sheep and lambs leading them to wolves in sheep’s clothing! I will not argue with you over this if you cannot see the error of your ways. If I am not your Pastor anymore or AmightyWind a blessing to you, Please write me and let me know why.

    Billy Graham Says ‘Salvation WITHOUT Jesus!’

    Joel Osteen & Billy Graham…Twins? will not say people who do not believe in JESUS CHRIST and die, will go to hell ! He just gives same answer as secret satanist Joel Osteen , “that is in God’s hands I can’t say !”

    look at his eyes Charlize you see the devil in them! We know there is no way to Heaven except through the name of YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST!

    You call me your Pastor, and Momma R.m I took the time and called you as YAHUSHUA said you needed ministering to. At Ministry high cost of phone bill, I spoke and prophesied for hours over you and your household, speaking things I would not have known if YAHUSHUA had not spoken forth out of me.

    Why are you leading people to others who you have not spoken with, or tested their fruit to see if it is good? I am grieved and disappointed as YAHUSHUA is testing you to see if you are worthy to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA! Oh Charlize, do you remember it is the Bride of YAHUSHUA who will wear the Tiera ?

    I saw a vision of you while talking with you on the phone and shared it with you. YAHUSHUA wants to give you that Tiera reserved for the Bride of YAHUSHUA, but you have changed , what is happening to you?

    Beloved Charlize, remember the warning dream you had, you ran from USA realizing you were in danger of being left behind , you would not be raptured, you were left in the Great Tribulation! Charlize the record compainies are full of satanists, did YAHUSHUA tell you to sign up with the record company? The record companies bring young talent and quickly or slowly poison them against the Biblical Truths and what is Holiness!

    I and your Sisters and Brothers in AmightyWind Ministries that you said were such a blessing to you that you wrote me a song about AmightyWind. You were going to record it for me remember? Please come back Charlize stop chasing after Billy Graham, and other false prophets!

    Why are you defending Halloween? do you know I was given a warning from YAHUSHUA because so many demons were loosed at the 4th red moon with eclipse, our AmightyWind Congregation is warned do not go outdoors, stay home, and intercede in prayers for the protection of themselves and all whose names are written in the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE.

    YAHUSHUA warns through me, Take off work and use the time to intercede against the evil done on Halloween! The satanic sacrifices are real! The occult use this day for desperately wicked things to harm and kill others!

    You defend halloween! You defend Billy Graham who denies that JESUS CHRIST as only way to Heaven! You are endorsing false prophets! You are leading People to Billy Graham who leads them by millions back to the Catholic Churches, and says the Pope is the greatest man that ever lived!

    take the time to watch Billy Graham on Larry King talk show it is on Youtube.

    YAHUSHUA wants you to watch this Charlize, and repent for leading the sheep and lambs to Billy Graham.
    YAHUSHUA is willing to forgive you if you will repent and redeem what you have done! People trust you, why are you leading them into the satanic wolves dens?

    Billy Graham has strong ties with Catholics, and 33rd degree masons. Billy Graham doesn’t teach the truth about the day of Sabbath. Billy Graham does not teach anything in regards to Hebrew Sacred Names, or teaches the Jewishness of our YAHUSHUA LORD , GOD , SAVIOR!

    Billy Graham has been best friends iwth every President, never offends them even Obama a Muslim, forced legalization of homosexuality, same sex marriage, made a celebration day for gays, lesbians, transexuals, bisexuals! Obama forces abortion, Billy Graham does not rebuke him or any other President Democrat or republican, he is friends with them all. Billy Graham is not what he pretends to be! Billy Graham is leading millions of people back into to Catholic Church where the Pope is worshiped!

    Billy Graham will soon die, and when he does he will go to hell ! He sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune, it is sad because when he was younger I believe he was a great evangelist. He now works for satan! Charlize the Baptist kicked him out he is no longer preaching the full gospel of YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST!

    YAHUSHUA pleads with you for the last time since this is the Last Chance Ministries
    BILLY GRAHAM SATANIC GOSPEL NWO FALSE PROPHET says you don’t have to call on the name of JESUS CHRIST to be saved from hell! Everyone will go to Heaven! His own interviews!

    Few moths ago, she’s called and prophecied to me and my twin brother who also loves the Lord, even then I felt somethings up. Clare, I’m also a musician, I have a career here in South Africa, I work with wonderful good people, I’ve written a song in honor of Jesus for my coming album, I sing Afrikaans, my native language. I love Jesus with all of my heart, I strive to follow only after Him and to obey Him. I’ve been listening your channel for a while now. I only shared two videos I came across that touched my heart, I don’t “follow” Billy Graham, I don’t celebrate halloween, ever. They only saw a title on my FB and assumed I did. I have always believed that we can only be saved through Jesus and His blood. I’m so hurt, and frightened because they want me to believe that my soul is in danger and that Jesus and God is so angry with me, like I’m some wolf. I can’t even stand the idea of Jesus thinking that of me, it breaks my heart, He’s my greatest love. It just breaks my heart into a million pieces. This was only in a nut shell, I can’t even begin to tell you of all the things they’ve spoken and how the attacked me as person, even by some who have never even spoken to me before and I only tried to encourage brotherly love towards one another. I pray for advice if Jesus so wills it. But I’ve grown to love you, others and Jesus in such a deep way.. Thank you.

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  5. Dear sister Charlize!
    What a troubeling experience you have had, but thanks to our true and loving spirit of Jesus Christ you got out of it. The devil is furius and now tries to make you feel condamned for leaving this religious ministry, it is Our saviors great love that brougt you out of it because He sees that you seek the truth and by his love you will find it. I have also had people trying to make me believe that Joel Osteen is a false teacher, but I don’t belive it, and anyhow, we are all being judged individually in how we use our lives, being ministers or not, so we better leave it all to the one who sees it all and just thank Him all the time for our protection of evil. Myself I no longer trust in man and will not listen to what ever any minister or any person tell me if it does not leave my heart in peace. The messages given through Clare does, and makes me believe that it is really the Lord talking to us.
    Take care and may God bless you! (we’ll meet in heaven one day, you beeing in S.Africa and me in the far north of Norway will probably not meet before then😊)
    Love from Rag.


  6. Why does the Bible say in Hebrews 10:26. If we deliberately keep sinning after we received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sin is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.
    This scripture is what keeps me from feeling I’m not right with God. I can see why people can’t rest in him. Always worried am I doing the right things. Am I grieving the Holy Spirit. Not every Christian does the same things. I stopped going to church because I suffer from severe abdominal pain. I read the bible, I pray, I try to bring people to Jesus, I pay tithes. ..I repent and ask forgiveness, but do I truly know I’m not doing anything that would be considered a sin? No! Like how often does God want me to take communion? What did I do that I can’t receive a healing? It makes me wonder if he’s upset with me, but for what? So, Am thinking I’m deliberately sinning yet don’t know what the sin is.


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