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No Condemnation



Dearest Clare,

it is as though this message was written for me. Oh how I struggle with this. I am constantly feeling that I am not worthy enough to make the Rapture. I’m so on guard with what I say and do each day that I exhaust myself in Repenting over and over. I wake up several times in the night asking the Lord to please bring anything and everything to my mind that I need to ask forgiveness for so I don’t dare miss the Rapture or cause an unbeliever to stumble! Remember when I told you how I kept seeing the numbers 911? Last night the Lord woke me up and said to me, “It is not you that lives. It is I that live in you that makes you alive. You belong to Me. Your body is not yours, it is Mine. Do not fear.”  Then I thought about all the extra angels He sent to us because of the increase of the demons that have just been released in the world because of Cern. The scripture then came to my mind: For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. I looked the scripture up and it was Psalms 91:11.

God is amazing.

~Testimony shared by Pamela Viergutz from Still Small Voice’s video comments:

We Can Trust in Him: His Care For Us


Good morning wanted to share what the Lord did for me a few days ago:

After shopping at Walmart I was waiting outside of Walmart with my two kids for a taxi. We were told the taxi would take 30 to 40 minutes.   After waiting 20 minutes I prayed in my head and asked the Lord if He could touch someone’s heart to give us a ride. 10 minutes later a women stopped and asked if we were waiting for a ride.   I said “yes” then she says ” I will drive you.”    I was amazed and so thankful! This woman was so sweet. The Lord is such a sweet and caring God.♥

~Shared by Tali Teixeira in Still Small Voice’s comments

Safe In the Arms of Jesus- Returning Back to Him


I want to share a testimony and I hope it helps someone. I got saved over fifteen years and then I backslid about two years after.   I did not have the Holy Spirit so my eyes were not open. I stayed out in the World for over eleven years.  I was going through so many sicknesses;  I wasted so much money going to the doctor and never getting better.  Then in 2013 the Lord sent a message to me;   He said “If I come now, your soul would be lost” and it hit me- I did not delay.  I took heed to my warning, and two months after I returned back to the Lord, I received the Holy Spirit.  I also got healed.

When we turn away from God he really chastises us so we can run to Him.  Now I feel so pure.. I am not polluted anymore.  I am living for Christ and I will not compromise my Salvation.

~Shared by Novlette Campbell in Still Small Voice’s video comments.

Even So, Come Lord Jesus!


Last night I had a vision:

I saw Jesus in the heavens sitting on a horse with a bible in his hand. Then I saw a gateway, a doorway, an entrance which He’s just waiting to come through. Then psalm 29:4 came in my spirit: “The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.”

Just feel like sharing!! Christ is on His way friends!! keep looking up!!

~Shared by speshi from Still Small Voice comments