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Being Merciful to Others

Saturday night during prayer I told the LORD that I know the messages on the “Still Small Voice” are for everyone, but it seemed that some messages are specifically for me. Also, I was wandering if I was doing what the LORD wanted me to during the Word portion of worship Sat. night. (I’ve been going through Mark Virkler’s teachings on the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice.) After waiting on the LORD, I started reading the 4 Keys book in chapter 4 where it talks about the “flow” of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God and prophesy that “bubbles up” from within us and that is what Jesus talked about in the “I Desire Mercy” message! (So that was a big YES!) He was talking about the fountain of his love and mercy and said, “…the flow is continuously bubbling up for all of your needs…” Jesus was talking about having mercy on others in depth. Down to the details and I could see my need to do better in this area. While I was listening, the thought came to me to write it on my hand to remember throughout the day to have mercy. Then Jesus said later in the message “write it on your hands and stamp it on your foreheads”! So, when I got up to get ready for Church I plastered notes all over my house “HAVE MERCY” and “BE A MERCY SEAT!”  I even wrote it on a band-aid and put it on my wrist so I wouldn’t forget. I also put a note in my car to remind me. During the evening services my pastor started talking in depth about mercy to others! Back tract a bit to very early Sunday morning before I listened to the “I Desire Mercy” message, I had a dream that bothered me greatly. I dreamed that I and a friend was getting ready for a costume party, (of which, I never go to those.) We were in some strange warehouse or something. I went with my friend to the costume shop to pick out our costumes. For some reason, I wanted a “Marie Antoinette” costume. The store keeper brought out the costume. It had 2 pieces. The dress and the top part which was a set of shoulders without a head. (YIKES!) I said that I only needed the dress, but not that other part. I also noticed in my dream that I had red hair (naturally I have brown hair). In my dream, there were 3 dragons perched on the warehouse. A “boar” and a “pig” were also mentioned in my dream (though, I did not see them). Right before I woke up I heard the words, “Don’t let them devour the Word of God in you!” Then I woke up. I believe this is a serious dream! I then did some research last night and prayed for the LORD’s wisdom about the dream and this is what He gave to me. According to Rev. B.R. Hick’s book, “Spiritual Meaning of Animals and Numbers in the Bible”. Rev. Hicks gives scriptures for all of these meanings of which I won’t give them here. These are things in our “flesh” that God wants us to get rid of (which would explain the demon army riding on the flesh of Christians mentioned in this video). 1) the number “3” has to do with Divinity (which would explain that the Christians in Rick Joyner’s allegory thought they were serving God); 2) a Dragon is a Desolate, forlorn spirit. (Desolate means depressingly empty or bare. and Forlorn means pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely, hopeless). 3) a Boar is a male pig and means a “Destructive spirit against God’s Word and God’s people. 4) a Pig (or swine) is a backbiting and devouring spirit (Backbiting means malicious talk about someone who is not present.) 5) Marie Antoinette was a queen in France that was beheaded because of false accusations. (As you can see, this fits in with this videos message!) In Rev 12:1 it mentions a woman (representing the Church) that gave birth to a (v5) man child that was taken up to Heaven. The man child taken up representing the part of the Church that is raptured and (v6) the woman that fled into the wilderness and the Earth helped her representing the part of the Church that is left behind. Rev. 12:3 mentions a great red dragon that was about to devour the man child as soon as he was born, but God intervened and (v5) took the man child before the dragon could do anything. The man child being the manifested Sons of God (i.e. the Word of God within the overcoming Christian.) I had red hair in my dream. I remembered that King David had red hair. He was “ruddy”. Ruddy (H132 ad-mo-nee) in Hebrew means reddish (of the hair or the complexion; red, ruddy. From the Hebrew word H119 aw-dam which means to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy-be red, dyed red, made red, ruddy. Rev 12:11 says, “And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” A Boar is only mentioned once in the Bible (Boar H2386 Khaz-eer means hog, swine, boar, wild boar. Swine as forbidden food, to in-close.) Jesus said in the “I Desire Mercy” message, “those under the Blood will not be condemned.” Ps 80:13 says, “The boar out of the wood doth waste it, and the wild beast of the field doth devour it.” Swine is the same word in Hebrew and in the Old Testament is an unclean animal and in the New Testament has to do with being offended (Matt 8:30…; Mark 5:11…; and Luke 8:32…) Last night before I went to bed, I asked the LORD what He was trying to tell me about this dream and He told me, “This is a serious dream. You should take heed and have mercy even when others are wrong. Let me handle it like you did in today’s situation. Being offended and backbiting destroys the Word of God in you. When you are offended, you are also prone to destroy God’s people with your tongue. This aught not to be. Stay under my Blood and I will protect you from these Spirits and the Dragon that is happy to devour the Word of God within you. (The situation I handle correctly today, by God’s mercy and grace, but similar situations I had failed in the past.) I bring out things within you by shining my light in your heart to let you know what to trade next for MY Nature. i.e. MORE OF MY NATURE! I am coming SOON and I want you to be ready! Watch and Pray! Abide in ME and then We (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) will abide in you. Watch unto prayer and remember to be a Mercy Seat! This message from the LORD was last night. Then I listened to this video this morning and it totally blew me away and I had to confirm the message in these two videos by telling my experience with the LORD. God have Mercy on us all and grant us the Grace we need to be merciful to others, especially to our brothers and sisters in Christ, in these dark days!

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