Archive | September 20, 2015

A Love We Cannot Comprehend


Early this morning I felt the Lord’s presence ., and without words, He let me know that none of us are worthy or deserving of His concern over us,   yet His Love is so great, He can’t help but love us regardless..   It reminded me of the  leper who asked Him, “Lord if you will, you can heal me”   and Jesus looked on him with compassion and extended His hand to touch the leper, gently replying, “I will– be clean”, and the leper was healed instantly.      His love is the love that healed the high priest’s soldier’s cut off ear by Peter’s sword after this soldier’s only intention was to seize and chain Jesus’s and drag Him to His trial.

So I got up from bed to get myself ready for work this morning but before I did, I was so touched by our Lord’s generous heart of love to choose to be with me that I said to Him while getting up, “Good morning, my Love”.    And I felt inundated by His love even more.. so much so that any demons lurking around me probably scooted out of the room extra fast!

I immediately wanted to record this all in my journal, and made sure to ask Jesus if He wanted to comment in any way.    I opened blindly to His past recorded words in the journal, “He and I”, and opened right to the following:   (June 9, 1941- “If only because you said, ‘My Love”, I will bless it;  You know that I am more sensitive than the most sensitive of men and your child-like tender words have great power over My heart.  So get to know the paths that lead directly to Me.  I yield My secrets to My children.  I am Samson, but he regretted having spoken whereas I yield Myself completely because My love is beyond all your power to imagine.”♥……. Wow, what a confirmation Rehma reply!!