Archive | September 19, 2015

A Visit from Heaven


The night my brother passed away I was in prison asleep in Florida… I saw him in such a bright white light that was coming off him’ I couldn’t but make out his eyes and face’ and just a bright light…! He had the smile I remember him having as a child of five’ like the happiest look I have ever seen…. It was hard to understand what was going on at first.. When he talked to me it was muffled ‘ like trying to talk underwater… I remember feeling what he was saying than what I could hear… I woke up saying’ “No’ No….! I used the restroom and checked the clock on the wall… It was three in the morning… The next day I called home’ only to hear my dad say’ ” brace yourself son’ you’re brother died last night”  … I was so grieved I thought I was going to snap… People kept their distance but for one black friend’ who talked to me when I needed someone to talk to… We never talked about the time of death till our visit a few months later.. When I told my mother the time I had the dream’ she just looked blank for a minute… Then said that’s when the doctor said he passed… I don’t just believe anymore’ I know….!!! P.S. It don’t mean you’re not going to have many struggles to face in the world’ but is very comforting to know’ He is……….. Jesus Christ is King God Almighty!!! I wish everyone could know through my eyes what I saw… My brother wasn’t living perfect’ but he believed’ and now lives again…. How we as mortals condemn ourselves too much and listen to the lies of the enemy….. Don’t condemn yourself if you’re not living perfect lives.. There was’ and is only One perfect…. And He must come back soon’ because man has become so lost to any of his knowledge and wisdom… Is a shame even how all churches have fallen to worldly ways…! Not to say that some don’t try’ but I can see… I can see how weak man has become to this system we’ve been conformed into’ and how it must be fixed…. I can only pray they stay’ and become simple again..! It’s mans own wisdom that’s got himself in this mess again’ & again’ & again…. As history carries the torch of repeating itself…!

~Shared by Gary Michael Beck