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“Everyone Who Is Here Has Chosen to Be Here”

14th September  2015
I have  5 days off at the moment I love not having to work it gives me a quietness that enables me to come into Yeshua’s Presence that I cannot find when I am tired or distracted.

This morning I was with the Lord and He led me through a beautiful meadow of wild flowers chest high and a myriad of colours and the scent was intoxicating!  He said this is part of the reason heaven smells so good and smiled.  But even as He was saying this something in me was recoiling because I was afraid that the long grasses might hide insects and creatures…..He knew immediately what I was feeling and said to me do not fear there is nothing in all of Heaven that bites or pricks…..WOW!  I immediately relaxed and began to enjoy the beauty of what I was seeing.  I buried my face into the beautiful flowers and began to smell them.  Yeshua took my hand and said follow me – knowing that if He didn’t I would be there for days weeks months because it was so amazing! – “I have something I want to show you! “  He led me up a small incline and there was here a small worn path through the flowers up to a little hill top.  I asked Him why do you so often bring up to a HIGH PLACE Lord?  and He said because they offer you perspective and a vantage point!”  And I asked Him “what do you want me to see Lord”?

He came behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and drew me close and I suddenly saw multitudes of Happy and Joyful people – face aglow not laughing in a worldly riotous way but JOYFULLY something I had never seen on earth but somehow knew in my spirit existed.

I found myself straining to see faces of people I knew as I so WANTED  to tell them I had seen them in Heaven to encourage them!

Yeshua then said to me “ALL are sisters and brothers here… not look for familiar (family) faces because ALL ARE FAMILY IN THIS PLACE.  My Children DO NOT LOOK BACK NOW BUT LOOK FOR ME……. a divided heart may cause you to stay behind – divided hearts cannot come to this place only WHOLE HEARTS.  When a person comes here they must wish to be here 100%…………….Lots wife looked back NOT out of curiosity but because something there HAD HER HEART!  You must lose your fear of losing yours sons (speaking to me now personally) and CHOOSE ME”…….I do Lord I do I answered!  “As you come out of Sodom and Gomorrah you MST NOT LOOK BACK!   Do not look for your familiar faces because ALL HERE ARE YOUR FAMILY – BROTHER AND SISTERS  Take comfort from me – there is ONLY JOY HERE – REAL JOY NOT FORCED OR FALSE…BUT TRUE ABOUNDING JOY IN ALL THE FACES YOU SEE BEFORE YOU…….TRUST MY CHILD!  EVERYONE WHO IS HERE HAS “CHOSEN TO BE HERE”.

My heart was stilled and I turned to look at Him now and we sat in a little arched gazebo with a bench in it and I looked down and saw that I was wearing such a pretty laced dress full of little flowers and little jewels that sparkled and I had long hair that was plaited to one side all the way down to my lap and the plait was interlaced with flowers also and my heart leapt within me and I said “I LOVE wearing pretty dresses Lord and in saying that I show that I am REAL GIRL don’t I?  (If you knew me you would be surprised because I am a real plain jane and a bit of a tomboy since I was little………….)

Yeshua truly marvelled and said “ I LOVE how you are all so different – that is Abba’s gift to me – you are ALL Abba’s GIFT TO ME.  I will LOVE getting to spend time with you all through Eternity and experiencing all your different joys with you…these simple things are SO BEAUTIFUL……… your joy in a pretty dress and the flowers that I made for you to put into your hair!”
WOW Lord …to be allowed to enjoy these things ……what a gift …we never before have been allowed the LUXURY of that before…but here there is NO TIME  – NO PRESSURE TO DO OR TO BE…….we can explore and rejoice in all of your Creation….WOW WOW WOW……. I love beauty Lord and You make everything so beautiful.  My world Lord SUCKS all the joy and life out of me!
“It seems that way but that is NOT POSSIBLE – My Spirit is like a fountain in the deeps of your being…always bubbling up and CLEANSING – RESTORING – REPLENISHING – FILLING YOU UP. There are times when you feel dirty and dry and dead but then you come again into My presence and I RISE UP WITHIN YOU…….deep calls to DEEP – spirit calls to SPIRIT!  It doesn’t matter how evil and dark it is out there because the LIVING WATERS are crystal clear and full of LIGHT and THE LOVE OF MY HEART AND MY KINGDOM DWELLS IN YOUR BEING…..Look to Me in these dark days and drink of My Living Water and be filled and replenished.  Look to My Kingdom WITHIN – I DWELL IN YOU.  Have a MIKVAH baptism as you come into MY Presence into My Waters…the World cannot take that from you……SWIM IN ME… filled with My LOVE – LIGHT – LIFE …HAI.
I cleanse you – I clothe you – I sprinkle you with my Blood you are TIRZAH – ACCEPTABLE TO ME BELOVED.

 ~Shared by Debra Holland