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Thirsty for Religion or Thirsty for Jesus?: A Dream And Three Visions

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Amos 3:7King James Version (KJV)

Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

The following was shared by Dulcita:

“The Lord has asked me to rest in Him lately and after my prayers last night I wanted to share two open visions I had and a short dream.

Please Use Your Discernment
My Dream on 9/11/15:
When I was asleep, I had a couple of open visions.  One of the visions was so spectacular, I felt like I was in heaven in an open landscape watching the beautiful foliage, large trees of many sizes, it was surely breathtaking and serene, I definitely felt like I was in Paradise breathing the crisp open air.  Everything was so virgin there, nothing destroyed.  The nature scene vision I had was so calming and very green in color like panoramic and in 3D.  I felt like I was literally there in Heaven.
Second open vision:  * It  involved the Lord allowing me to see a small church that worshipped idols like different saints.  As the Lord had me staring at this small church in a flat second, I saw this church being destroyed and had fallen to the ground to stand no more.
Third open vision:    The Lord showed me a town (not sure where I was) but it was desolate one around.  It literally looked like a ghost town. Its like something had happened and everyone disappeared or were taken somewhere.  I recall in the dream seeing into every home and witnessed the savings or little money in cash the people had left behind.  Some homes had loads of cash others just a little cash and I saw the dollar bills like in a box where each person/family had stored some cash away.
In the short dream I had the Lord had me traveling to and fro again in my spirit.  This time I found myself in the country of Nicaragua.  I was in a chariot and there was a Nicaraguan lady that was my tour guide/escort etc.. that the Lord had assigned to me..
This wonderful, kind and sweet lady was showing me around the city and it was very quiet there.  There were no people in the streets or on the roads which I found odd.
Then in the dream the Lord had me visit a small little church there in Nicaragua and it was filled with people.  The people appeared very humble, simple and so attentive to the Gospel Message.  I could see each and every person there and their faces were so clear to me and their spirits were hungry,  longing and yearning for the Word of God.  As I was visiting the church in my spirit,  I gave my testimony and shared the how the Lord had changed my life and turned it around.
I also shared God’s Love, Mercy, Kindness and what the Lord had sacrificed on the Cross for us to receive the free gift of Salvation.
The people were so receptive to the message and it was like they were so thirsty to hear about Jesus and His Love for each and everyone of them.
End of Dream:
*( note:     While the saints of the past are beautiful examples of Jesus from us to learn from , satan and our own human nature  can easily cause us to lose our focus from Jesus with even the saints, angels, Mary, ..even our own family members!       Even the angels desire we focus not on them , but on the One Who died for us…. our Lord Jesus Christ.)

Who Can Stand Before the Fire of the Almighty?

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“…I had this open vision this morning ..,it has shaken me up quite a bit as it was terrifying and on a scale of something I have never seen before I thought you might want to share it – up to you xxx
Love and Blessings Debbie:

Saturday 12th September

I just had a wonderful time with the Lord which suddenly opened into an open (awake) vision of End times.  I am still pretty emotional and shaken up but want to share it to encourage people that Yeshua is very close to us now x

I suddenly started to see a GREAT FIRE -white hot – it was burning ferociously boiling and consuming very stately buildings with pillars – it looked to me like the state Capitol buildings of the Washington Senate!  It spread to other surrounding buildings – Gods Wrath was being poured out on all of America’s High Places.

And then it changed to the Heavens which were filled with a HUGE ball of fire coming from above and behind the Fire was YHWH I saw His Presence and His Mouth was open as He SHOUTED and as His IMMENSE Breath came forth it was as a terrifying and consuming fire rushing towards me faster than the speed of sound or light the whole of the sky in front of me was FILLED WITH FIRE rushing towards me.  And  it took on the form of a LIONS HEAD and it roared angrily and fiercely from within the flames.

Suddenly I saw Yeshua in the midst of it – He looked quite small in the huge expanse of it and He was on a white horse and He was dressed in white and wore a gold crown.  His head was down as He and His Horse GALLOPED FULL SPEED  towards me  – just ahead of the consuming fire approaching me and mankind!  And as He reached me He leaned down and grabbed my arm and swung me around and up behind Him up onto His horse and We galloped in front of the consuming fire of YHWH’S BREATH and I clung to Him as tightly as I could.

And I heard it said in my head “the fire of His Breath goes forth and out of His Mouth and consumes all before it and WHO CAN STAND BEFORE THE FIRE OF THE ALMIGHTY.”

And suddenly a HUGE ANGEL maybe hundreds of feet tall stood off and down to the left of us dressed in white and holding up a long silver trumpet up into the air and he began blowing LOUD AND LONG  a single blast up into the Heavens.

And I saw first babies and children being raised up and I started to cry because I was SO RELIEVED that they would be spared and rescued from what is to come.

As I sat behind Yeshua on his Horse way up in the clouds LOOKING DOWN on a HUGE EXPANSE of clouds  the scale was IMMENSE.  We were UP IN THE HEAVENS .
Fire burned below the clouds and ABOVE the clouds were filled with many colours like a rainbow and many more colours also.  And above us Bright Heavenly Light and I gripped Yeshua tightly as I looked down upon this vast scene.

And as the angel continued to blow loud and long a single uninterrupted blast he blew and blew and blew and I saw people starting to rise up through the clouds from every corner of the world slowly rising up into the Glorious Light – their numbers just kept being added too.  Too many to count and they all were moving to the right hand side of the scene towards the source of the Greatest Light and the trumpet kept sounding.

It was as though they were all walking not running but walking back through through a great wheat field – returning HOME to their Fathers House from afar from every corner of the world COMING HOME.  A JUBILEE returning to the land of their Father slaves that had been set free….but on such a huge scale GLOBAL AND DOWN THROUGH ALL TIME…..
The Heavens were IMMENSE and the LIGHT and the LOVE in the atmosphere was IMMENSE and I sat and watched it all with Yeshua in front of me strengthening me as I held Him.

(when I checked the words I was given later in an online search I got Nahum chapter 1   which exactly describes the fearsome Wrath of God that I saw)

~Shared by Debra Holland

Painting of Jesus on His Cross

Jesus’ s Hell on the Cross

The above painting and description below is by Alexandra Kinast and was inspired by the Holy Spirit who gave her a “daydream” (vision) of Jesus Christ on the cross:

Jesus- King in Exile

Jesus going through Hell on the cross - Copy (2)

Jesus’ s Hell on the Cross

The above painting and description below is by Alexandra Kinast and was inspired by the Holy Spirit who gave her a “daydream” (vision) of Jesus Christ on the cross:

“Had an usual daydream about Jesus last night (will type  out later but feel nauseated and have a headache; I sort of wanted to sleep but couldn’t)  I tried to paint Him on the cross, but most of my paints were are the mural site and small brushes and the canvas wasn’t big enough.

… In the daydream I was trying to pull the huge spikes out of Jesus’ feet but couldn’t.  It was impossible; they wouldn’t budge.  Also the sky was a dark stormy purple and the land up there on the hill (Golgatha)  as dust and quartz rock.
His face was battered- so much blood… all over…and a massive head wound…
Here is the purple…

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