Archive | September 6, 2015

Three Stories High and in the Sky


Three days ago i dreamed i was by the window of maybe the third floor of an office building and was led to look out at the sky.  to the very far right horizon by the Sun i saw Jesus all in white seemingly coming up with the Sun and coming in with a host of what i understood to be angels all in white as well.

Suddenly the angels were flanking all around the building in a swirling line and i felt that this flanking of the angels in swirls was widespread on all the people of the earth.  they were all standing on air in close ranks at about the same level as the floor of the building we happened to be on so we were on the same eye level.  i happened to have an office friend near me (whom i didn’t recognize) come take a look but she already saw and was already looking out with me.  there was a female and i think a male angel right in front of us and i waved at them, but it seemed they were just standing ready and paying attention to something else above us.

Use discernment always take everything to Jesus. Lord Jesus, thank You for Your Peace ❤

(~The sharer of this dream wishes to remain anonymous and known only by our Lord Jesus.    {no, it’s not me }  )