Archive | September 4, 2015

Consider the Daisies!


I was praying to Jesus while still half asleep in bed..   and I heard Him say, “learn of Me”.   It was almost so hard to hear, and I thought at first that it was my own mind thinking this..  then I saw in my mind’s eye a black and white image of a daisy flower.      After I got up from sleep, I realized that in the scriptures Jesus said, “…..Learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly of heart…”   and the daisy is a simple field flower without pretensions., clothed in simplicity by God.            So the Lord was preparing me to hear this message..,  He wants us to be simple.  Simplicity is His trademark and His Bride resembles Him in all ways. including His simplicity.

At work today I felt His grace, so I think one of you guys were praying for me.. (thank you♥)    I felt that since we belong to Him,  then we can trust Him to supply for us what He knows we need.  To go beyond that is unnecessary.    An example of that is when I used to work in an insurance company.    I felt I had to stock up on various colored dress shoes and dress boots.. to go with all my outfits.    I succeeded in accomplishing that goal I set for myself, but guess what!!     I ended up leaving the insurance company anyway and never ended up wearing the boots I bought.   Now that I work in a job where I’m on my feet for 8 hours +   there is no way I would ever wear the shoes or boots I purchased before..   I ended up giving them all away to the Salvation Army!    At work I am able to wear those rubber crocs, which are extremely comfortable.    So the key is to just take care of what you have been given already..  mend what needs to be mended.   Wash and iron what needs to be cleaned and straightened.., and put it in His hands for when He knows you could use a replacement for something.