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Glimpses Into the Cup Jesus Drank for The Father

Jesus- King in Exile


This past Saturday morning, I was meditating on Jesus…. what Hell He went through ..especially during what we call His ‘Passion’,  yet in spite of the Hell, what love and majesty He expressed while undergoing the torment He did…   and  then what affliction He experienced throughout His earthly life, and how the cross He carried was not just the physical cross on His way to Golgotha., but His whole life was a Cross , yet He carried it joyfully , and with love for the Father and for mankind.

Opening to His words to Gabrielle Bossis that she recorded in the journal, “He and I”,  I came upon the following that gives hints of His life of the cross.       “Be one with Me as you suffer in your body, as though I had been mocked and scourged this morning.”

“Even before My crucifixion, in My journeyings, and My work, I suffered…

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