May Jesus Be Our Compass


I recently had a dream where I was flying over towns, neighborhoods, etc..  The only thing was that I got carried away and flew farther than I had expected and ended up over the ocean near some islands with palm trees.   In the dream I then pulled out my arm from my side and had a compass on my arm .. in the style of a wristwatch.    I realized I had to go back North if I wanted to get back home… and the Lord was showing me through ths dream that I need to abide in  Him and let HIM be my Compass. .  not myself and my own self-will,  or I will get lost.        So in this dream, sure I was flying over everything, but in my situation,  that didn’t mean that I was free of earthly attachments or bondages as the masses are.     It meant that I was still in bondage to myself and still went where I wanted to go without His leading… .This dream showed me that I still need to follow Jesus as Lord in my life yet,..     I am still my own “god” in  a sense, and I need to die to myself so that I can let HIM lead.   There is still much bondage in me yet.. bondage not of sin, but of SELF..   Which is why in the scriptures Jesus said, “Why do you call me “Lord, Lord’ but do not do the things that I say?”               I asked the Lord about all this, and how I don’t really feel I am at that place in my spiritual growth yet where I am actually pleasing to Him .. yet.      If He looks at me, it’s with a look of pity and patience  but not of admiration.       I opened to “He and I”, and He gave me this.. which gives me encouragement ..   “All that is good in you is I Myself, so make room for Me.”            So He’s telling me, “Yes, you are correct..  all that is good in you is Me that you see within you., so be like John the Baptist and pray that you will decrease so that I can increase within you.”

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