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God’s Beautiful Scent of Love


God’s Beautiful Scent of Love

The first experience was many years ago when I was at church and the service had just ended and every Sunday after service everyone would gather in what we called Fellowship Hall for refreshments. One particular Sunday I went into the church kitchen for something and while standing in the kitchen I smelled the Lord. As I looked around at the people working in the kitchen doing various things I had this overwhelming feeling of love and being loved by everyone there, a sense of belonging. The Holy Spirit saturated the room and everything in the room with a sense of warm honey that flowed in an ambiance of His Own. All of this mixed together with the Smell. It’s just so hard to describe it in earthly words. I just wanted to stay in that kitchen and never leave. It was just wonderful. When I left the kitchen I felt so clean in my soul and so loved by the Smell.

(Second Experience:)

A few years ago I went to an estate sale. The very moment I stepped in the front door of the home I smelled the Lord! There was a VERY holy soft calming fragrance throughout the entire home and I seemed to just float through the home as I shopped for the estated items all through the home. When I finished shopping I did not want to leave the home. I just wanted to stay there and continue to enjoy the smell of the Lord and His Presence which was still in the home. It is a fragrance that you simply can not explain and it was the second time I’d been blessed with this experience. There’s no way to describe it in earthly words. I asked one of the family members conducting the sale if the deceased prior owners happened to be Christian people and she answered OH YES! Very devout loving born again believers and they were very active in their church when they were alive! She asked me,” How did you know they were Christians, did you know them?” I told her “No I had no idea who they were but that I could smell Jesus Christ in this home.” She smiled and looked at me with this long gaze and said, “You’re not the only one that has said that about this home.” I just wanted to share that experience with you.

The closest I can come to a description regarding the smell of the Lord is that it is a very very holy fragrance. Not like perfume. It comes with a strong presence of the Holy Spirit and His Righteousness. It is so very pure, clean and holy. The smell is a combination of extreme love, righteousness, holiness and passion mixed with the smell and it affects your whole being. I didn’t ask for the Lord’s Smell, He just blessed me with it with two different experiences. Just pray to our Lord to bless you with an experience. ..”

Shared by Pamela Veirgutz on our Still Small Voice Youtube channel..

May Jesus Be Our Compass


I recently had a dream where I was flying over towns, neighborhoods, etc..  The only thing was that I got carried away and flew farther than I had expected and ended up over the ocean near some islands with palm trees.   In the dream I then pulled out my arm from my side and had a compass on my arm .. in the style of a wristwatch.    I realized I had to go back North if I wanted to get back home… and the Lord was showing me through ths dream that I need to abide in  Him and let HIM be my Compass. .  not myself and my own self-will,  or I will get lost.        So in this dream, sure I was flying over everything, but in my situation,  that didn’t mean that I was free of earthly attachments or bondages as the masses are.     It meant that I was still in bondage to myself and still went where I wanted to go without His leading… .This dream showed me that I still need to follow Jesus as Lord in my life yet,..     I am still my own “god” in  a sense, and I need to die to myself so that I can let HIM lead.   There is still much bondage in me yet.. bondage not of sin, but of SELF..   Which is why in the scriptures Jesus said, “Why do you call me “Lord, Lord’ but do not do the things that I say?”               I asked the Lord about all this, and how I don’t really feel I am at that place in my spiritual growth yet where I am actually pleasing to Him .. yet.      If He looks at me, it’s with a look of pity and patience  but not of admiration.       I opened to “He and I”, and He gave me this.. which gives me encouragement ..   “All that is good in you is I Myself, so make room for Me.”            So He’s telling me, “Yes, you are correct..  all that is good in you is Me that you see within you., so be like John the Baptist and pray that you will decrease so that I can increase within you.”