Who Casts the Reflection?


Who casts the Reflection?

I saw Yeshua leaning over a small circular pool which was brilliant in colour and looked like a Paua Shell.
I went over and leaned into the pool also. As I looked into the water I saw Yeshua’s Reflection in the water.  Then the Holy Spirit Who was all around us moved upon the waters and Yeshua’s image became distorted.
The Spirit blew – BREATHED on the water and His face changed.  He looked at me and I saw us both in the reflection His face turned towards mine.  He was happy and smiling.  I could hear lyrical musical tones in the air unlike anything I can describe as the Spirit moved upon the water……

I asked Yeshua “What is the meaning of seeing Your Reflection and not directly looking at You”?
He answered me “ The World see My Reflection and they have an image of Who I AM.  When My Spirit moves on this image it becomes altered from their preconceived mindsets and their image shifts.  As soon as My Spirit ceases they try to make it back into their old image.  But the Holy Spirit persists in breaking up their false image.
While He is doing this I AM ever leaning over them hoping they will look to their side and see Me present with them!  I AM closer to you ALL than you know.  For those who are unyielded I am alongside and for My Brides I AM within.
Turn away from the World – from My Reflection in this World and see the REAL ME.  I AM waiting here – TOUCH ME………Touch my face….like a blind person who has just received back his sight.  Touch the eyes – touch the cheek – touch the mouth………I AM REAL
I AM HERE – I AM YOURS and if you see Me……then you are MINE!

The heart that aches and yearns for the reflection and cries when the image distorts is hungering for Me and reaching into a World that is apart from their own.  A soul yearning for the embrace of its Creator…….a true SOUL mate.

Like a dry and thirsty land aching for water and life…..so My Children yearn for me.

Look for the dry and thirsty children – come alongside them and look into the pool with them.  Tell them what they see is JUST A REFLECTION.  And that when they see the reflection wobble and change the Holy Spirit is breathing upon it TO SHOW THEM IT IS JUST A REFLECTION.  To make them realize that the Person Whose Reflection is cast upon the waters that they are peering into   SAT AT THEIR SHOULDER LOOKING IN WITH THEM AND THAT THEY NEED ONLY LOOK UP AND TURN AND THEIR HEARTS WILL BE AMAZED TO SEE HE IS THERE – FULL OF LOVE – FULL OF GRACE – WITH OPEN ARMS!
When that realization comes the Holy Spirit Breathes upon them and they are FOREVER CHANGED!

~Shared by Debra Holland

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