Jesus, I Love You


“Jesus I love you;

I want to be true to you;

Let us meet in the garden of your heart,

all day all night.

Always United as one for eternity!

Jesus I love you;

come wrap me in the blanket of your love tonight!

Thank you Jesus!

I love you with all my heart♥

~shared by Margi Inman”

3 thoughts on “Jesus, I Love You

  1. Such a sweet and loving poem to the Lord. It’s so inspiring to hear you speak to the Lord that way. I know He truly loves all of that attention. Be blessed and please continue writing.

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  2. Thank you, Jesus for touching my spirit with such tenderness, as I surrender and embrace your love. I am grateful for your grace in giving me rest, as I soar on wings of your love into your heart! Where we are united as one, cause I leave all my worries and concerns behind as I gaze into your beautiful blue eyes of living water. It drove away all my negative thoughts. I remember them no more for I am lost in your love for eternity! I love you, Lord Jesus!

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