Colours of Heaven


I had a ‘dream?’ ..not too long.  But what a dream…in the dream I was in this beautiful park..everything was so “bright” in a lovely way… impeccable scenery… so manicured and perfect.  I was in my 20’s! yea!  And in this lovely park with green grass and tall trees so perfect and spaced so nicely apart,  was Jesus!  He was walking right next to me with His arm about my waist and holding my other hand as I had it in front of me..and He was so concerned I was  happy…He was smiling and saying….Are you happy?  His eyes were smiling and He just had to make sure I was enjoying this!  I was numb with  joy and could only look so surprised at all the beauty…He was a bit taller than me…{I am 5.7″} and He had on a robe but not sure of the color…maybe a burgandy color and His hair was like different hues of blond, brown, redish …blended..and His eyes were a deep blue, but had green as well.  It was so wonderful! And soooo real.  And He was so sweet…so concerned I was enjoying all this as He snuggled me so close to His side…He holding on to me so lovingly and close.   All was so clear, dear…. wow.  I will neverrrr forget that one… Then another:

Jesus was in heaven with me and on my left.  He was tall and in a white garment to His ankles..I think He had on brown sandals…I was young in this one too.  This was a vision maybe last year or early this year.  Again the grass seemed alive and so green and there was this little path.  And flowers growing…and we were walking by them…like pansies..but 5 times the size and so pretty… All of the sudden they started singing!!! Singing flowers!  And I stopped amazed bending over to them for a closer look!  And Jesus was laughing while I stood there staring..and I said to Him….THEY ARE SINGING!!!!  He was so surprised at my reaction to them.  I just wanted to sing along.  It was a pretty twinkly sound.  Almost like little children singing.  I just loved this.   I wanted to stay some more, I was so happy listening to them and they seemed so happy to sing to me!
But we were to move along.  I think He was taking me on some kind of tour..and there was more to see.   But His smile was so wonderful…it was like the kid in me was released!  How sweet…  it ended there. But again, so clear and in color..The colors of heaven are much brighter, for sure.
~Shared by Patricia Owens

2 thoughts on “Colours of Heaven

  1. So wonderful, I can close my eyes and see it, beauty cannot be defined by our earthly minds. I believe these dreams are gifts from our precious savior, to let us know where we truly belong. We are strangers here, trapped in this carnal flesh, but Jesus shows all of His children what awaits them, every time a part of the body of Christ shares a vision or dream, we all feel how real and vivid the experience. In this manner Jesus tells all of us to stand fast against the coming storm.

    So, please, body, share these profound gifts from our Father. I am so eternally grateful for the bride, the pure of heart. For through her special moments with Jesus we can all grasp His gift of loving hope!!

    I love you all so very much, thank you for these blessed moments with our savior.



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