A Ticket to the Heavenly Train!


“… Beloved- I want to share Something that happened this week. I could not feel/be more Blessed. The last few days have been so Amazing. I am just “Thank you Lord with my Whole Being!!

We had my Husbands 70 year old Cousin visiting us for the first time in 15 years. I had met her briefly once before. A Lovely Lady, fun, amazing storyteller with a beautiful heart, great sense of humour and a smile that brightens anybody’s day.  A person who loves the nature, flowers, animals, people. Someone who is just so Good to have around! Someone you miss already before she leaves… The Ticket Cousin phoned us that she had missed her Train and will be taking the next one. When she finally arrived she had a Story to tell: She missed her Train by one minute. She went to this Big Ticket Office in the Big Railwaystation to by a new Ticket. She had less than 10 minutes until the next Train´s departure. The Printer in the Ticket Office did not work. The Lady in the Ticket Office coud not get her Ticket printed out. Cousin told her that she will be travelling With or Without the Ticket and left running to catch the Train. She managed to get inside the Train just before the Doors closed. Cousin sees the Lady from the Ticket Office running fast towards the Train waving the Ticket high up above her head. The Lady from the Ticket Office! The Doors did not open for her. She tried to push the Ticket in through a slit between the sliding Doors. The Ticket got stuck between the Doors but it would not slide all the way through… The Train left and Cousin watched the Ticket flapping in the Wind for 20 minutes until the next Station. Cousin had her eyes firmly on the Ticket.The Train stopped and the Doors finally opened. The Ticket fell on the Platform and Cousin almost grabbed it. A Bluster took the Ticket and it flew with Wind on the Railway Tracks, under the Train. Cousin got on her Knees and reaching out her Hand she finally got the Ticket.

At Home I was praying for her Visit to be Blessed not knowing about all the Drama that was going on. As Cousin arrived she had a Ticket Story to tell us. I told her Someone did not want her to get on the Train. I had the most Amazing Blessed 2 Days sharing my Testimony with her and talking about the Lord. How Lord Loves to Dance just like Her. How Lord wants Her to Hear How Much He Loves Her. How Lord is not about Religion but Relationships. Nobody had Ever talked to Cousin about the Lord before. She is 70 years old. It was About Time. Before Cousin left this morning I went to pick some Flowers for her from the Garden. A Bee stung me. I just laughed, finished picking my Flowers and then went indoors to take 3 hydrocortizon tablets just in case. Ain´t Nothing gonna steel My Joy!

I have a Jesus Ticket on the Train to Heaven! Much Love in our Beautiful Lord Jesus- Blessings to All, Anna

2 thoughts on “A Ticket to the Heavenly Train!

  1. wow ! next time you are at the station ticket office please get me one, whatever it costs i will pay,?
    thank you for sharing this with us, God bless.

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