“Just Love Me Simply”

Our Sister, Patricia Owens was reading the   following message from the TLIG book of Jesus’s messages to Vassula Ryden: 
FROM 10-24-88   JESUS:
“Remember My Presence… Children, whom I love with an everlasting love, please Me…. by using these words, we, us, include Me in your activities, in your discussions and in your thoughts, respect My Presence. ” 
Right after reading that, our Lord began speaking to Patricia and told her the following:
   …”Pat“. ( I know at such times, He will want to say something…. so this is what I heard in my heart…)
“Pat – am I not always present?”
{me} Yes my Love – always.                                                  
{Jesus } Do you feel My Presence?
{me} Yes, sweet Jesus – You are so good to me  – I know we are always together..You are my every thought, dear Love…and I know, of the thought of You, I am not worthy.   So… I am very thankful for Your sweet kindness to me! I never want to hurt or disappoint you.
{Jesus } Are we not always together, My love?  Will you believe this, with all your heart…..?
{Patricia} “Yes, I believe that, my Haton, I do! ”  (Haton means Husband)
{ Jesus } “Keep everything always simple – a smile, a word – a glance – filled with love for Me – no complications.  Just love Me simply in the little moment I have given you, that we share together in our oneness; of heart, mind soul and spirit …and remember…… you never leave My Embrace – I love you – Your Jesus   {for all!}

One thought on ““Just Love Me Simply”

  1. Thank you so much for sending me such lovely writings and poems. It is because of Claire, Ezekiel and Carol that I have learned how to have a deep and personally relationship with our Jesus. I am very grateful!


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