Jesus: Son of God and Perfect Man♥

Jesus- King in Exile


Last Thursday morning, I was thinking about Jesus when suddenly the Holy Spirit gave me this very strong impression of Jesus as Him being not only the Son of God and Divine and part of the Trinity, but I sensed His perfect humanity… This was all without words, and very hard to describe.. but I sensed Jesus’s character as totally pure human without any defilement or guile as the rest of us have… not even a drop of it.  I was so magnetized toward Him that I realized just why many of the disciples dropped everything to follow Him.

I then asked the Lord if He would give me something from “He and I” of His words to add to this revelation from the Holy Spirit.    Blindly, I opened to the following:

“Look at Me in My gospels.  There you will find My history, My life story.  You will follow Me.  You see Me…

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3 thoughts on “Jesus: Son of God and Perfect Man♥

  1. Yes, and if you hear Him, He will speak to you as He views your world through your eyes with your knowledge that He is there watching, hearing, experiencing. He says, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me,…” and He also knows our voice. A rabbi said that the word in Hebrew meaning eye means the eye should always be on our Lord and His eye is always on us. Too profound for words. The gospels-become a deer.

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