Heeding God’s Warning through an Angel

I had Miriam at age 42..a gift from God.   A very holy man said Jesus told him a year before I had conceived her… and he also knew I would have a girl. Another woman was told to name her Miriam.  My husband was really surprised as he wanted to name her Heather.   She was my “late life surprise”..ha ha!   So she is called Miriam Elizabeth.  Now she is married to Steven a lovely Christian man and her name now is Noonan.  Steven is Steven Noonan ll and they are in New Hampshire.  Married for 8 years this Oct.  We visit back and forth and it is wonderful.  We pray together too…that is the most important factor in our visits! 
Well I was surprised also when I found out I was expecting a baby….  Ha….. and I was sooo happy having  her…My fifth child.  And I was healthy too- thank God for that, at that age.  But..my blood pressure was high, so they did a C-section on me.  She was almost 8 lbs.  I had never had surgery before, so this was some experience for me!
Any way….. when she was about 12 or so we were driving on a main road..she wanted to stop in West Port Ct. where we briefly lived a year ago or so…and stop at Elmers..a cute breakfast place we frequented then… So we were going to turn off exit 42 as I remember the number….and as I was just starting to exit…this voice of a man in my spirit said firmly and clearly….”keep the speed you are going…do NOT speed up ..”  and I listened like a little kid…as I knew God does speak to us or our angels..and I said to the voice in me….  “OK”….and I just went around the turn as directed..
Well – good thing I did…. Or I most likely would not be here!
Or my Miriam!
There was a traffic light at the end of the ramp.  And the light was justttt going to change being yellow for the other side.   Just then an old beige car sped across the road in front of me..must have been doing 70 or more! I kid you not…he was trying to beat the light turning red!  I need not tell you the rest.  Had I been doing just a little more speed, as the light was still green for me….he would have plowed into us and I am sure if I did not die, Miriam sure would have!  That is how fast he was going……
So!  Listen to the angels when they tell you something!  Yep!  Ok – love and prayers…..Pat😇💞👌😱 
~Shared by Patricia Owens

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