Heart Felt Confession leads to Heart Felt Salvation


Thank you so much for you wisdom and very kind words. I would like to share a small story about one of the reasons why I visited my sister. For years I played in a praise band and was convinced I was a born again believer of Jesus……wrong! I played lead guitar and I was only concerned with what songs we could play to show off my musical skills, (or what I thought were skills, in my giant arrogant head!). So, week after week I played for my own glory. Then God struck me with a series of devastating neurological symptoms. Very very severe to the point of being bedridden.
I cried out to God over and over, nothing. One Saturday I was feeling a little better so I went to rehearsal. The week before I had been asked to put the song, “Voice Of Truth” in the set and nobody wanted to learn it. Our pianist made a derogatory comment and I started screaming at her. All that pain and those horrible symptoms came pouring out of my mouth….Satan was smiling that day. I instantly knew I was not saved, I realized that no matter how much I prayed, I was being given a thorn in my flesh.
Well, I left the band after sincere apologies. Within a month I was on my knees in pure
Heart felt confession to Jesus. He saved me with His precious blood. The next week I went on a retreat and a group of men prayed over me. I now am symptom free. I traveled back to St Louis, in the very southern suburbs to baptised my younger brother of 44 years old!!!

God is absolutely real, Jesus spoke of the wheat and the tares mixed together, that is not just a parable. Use great discernment and pray the Holy Ghost shows you the real world in which you live. Hold fast to the body of Christ, for it truly is all of us!!

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