Fear of Happiness: A Poem


Fear of Happiness:

You’re afraid of being happy that is nothing new.
You’re afraid of being happy you know it’s true.
Shutting out the people around you breaking down moping around just likes a king who has lost his crown.
Thinking that every girl is the same always finding someone to blame.
Pointing the finger as much as you can.
Not ready to settle down yet  like your Peter Pan.
What scares you the most is being a ghost,  it’s easy for you to forget than regret.
All the times you have come close to being happy and fulfilled like most.
But the day will come when you’re all alone sitting in the nursing home.
Thinking ‘maybe if i had tried harder than my life wouldn’t have been such a palaver.’
‘Maybe if i had let happiness in …oh all of the good things that could have been!

but i was too busy being selfish and mean.’

(C) Copyright of Caren Jack 2015

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