A Jewel in His Crown



“… I want to share with you all:   On Wednesday the 15 of July 2015, I had a vision of the LORD coming to me with something that I thought  was HIS heart. I Told HIM: ” oh my LORD, you are so beautiful. I thought his heart was so beautiful, (well it is beautiful, of course.   HIS heart is beautiful.) Any way HE went away from my eyes, so I open my eyes and I told HIM: “LORD JESUS why did you go away?   I want to see you longer. Give me my vision back”.   I told HIM: “ok, I will be quite, I will be still and I will close my eyes but you give me my vision back, ok?”   So I did as I said. And yes HE gave me the vision back.

As HE was getting closer to my eyes, I could see that what I thought was HIS heart, was actually a crown. So beautiful and shiny. It was so clear that was a crown. I said to THE LORD JESUS: are you serious? Is that for me? I do not deserve it, I haven’t done anything for you or your kingdom. Anyway,  I was so happy. But on Thursday I went to the clinic with my son and when he went to the doctor office, I waited for him outside sitting in a chair. I close my eyes and I had a vision, it was a precious jewel so beautiful;  oval with many colors- so brilliant.   Two little angels were holding it. I open my eyes and I just thought it is so beautiful. Yesterday I found a message in my dear sister Clare videos. Saying: ANOTHER SOUL FOR HEAVEN, ANOTHER JEWEL IN YOUR CROWN, Timely instructions. That’s the puzzle , and my answer :Glory be to THE LORD!”. I hope this helps you, dear Jodee. May THE LORD bless you all in JESUS NAME AMEN!!

~Vision given to and shared by Sylvia Taylor

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