Message From Jesus: My Love is Forever


I was talking to Jesus…and watching some Passion Movies, excerpts   of some…and crying….

I would say to Him,,how I don’t want to disappoint Him…forgive me for meetings I have missed, for inconsistency, for impatience, for anyway I have offended or made You sad….
and I said…”stay with Me..don’t leave me..”
And He said to me…”why do you say that..why would I leave you?  I am not like other men…I know you have been hurt and your trust is not great in dealing in relationships…but I am not like that, beloved.   You can trust Me..I am never going to become bored with you or grow tired of you.  I don’t do that.
So trust Me beloved….don’t ever withdraw your affections or attention to Me because you feel one day I will tire of you!   No! And that is for all of you!  My love is forever, started in last all eternity.  I am always with you unless you send Me away….can you be separated from your breathing or heart beat; or from your blood flow?  Of course not…then you cannot be separated from Me; if you love Me and tell Me you want Me with you… I am always there, listening for any little word or for your smile.  Never doubt…be all Mine more than ever! Trust..I am with you…and I want be with you ..with you all!
Just love Me..all you think, say and do..let it reflect you have chosen Me – that I am your All and All.  That you want to be with Me above all – above all – you understand…?  Now go in peace, the peace I can only give..not as the world gives….
Tell Me you love Me, and I ask you beloved {as He asks all} Do not leave Me!  I love you.  You can never tell Me enough, that you love Me… when it comes to loving Me, what can be too much?  I am always there  …  do you believe Me?  Please do.  I   never   leave   you….” Jesus 💗
        I opened to He and I to “find” something…and it opened to this….
        JESUS:  ” I didn’t leave you during the thirty-three years of My life nor throughout eternity… Then may I not ask you never to leave Me deliberately,  to stay with Me right to your last moment on earth, that moment of our meeting?  How well you will understand then that to quicken your heartbeats you had to hold Me closely in your very breathing.”   { wow…}
~Shared by Patricia Owens

2 thoughts on “Message From Jesus: My Love is Forever

  1. God bless you for sharing this. This has truly blessed me as I felt like this too. From past relationships, others would either grow tired or leave. I’m grateful the Lord will never grow tired nor leave us.

    with love,

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  2. I at one point thought the same because that is what I was use to. He would at some point in eternity grow tired of me. I was thinking with my very small earthly brain, lol thinking inspired by the enemy too. Our Creator, God and Saviour thinks way higher about us then we do at times. Try to see ourselves through his eyes and what he did for us and his love but we really don’t understand fully, yet!

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