Invitation to Dance: He is Closer to Us Than We Think



Thank you so much for sharing your latest message. May you and Ezekiel be encouraged even more as you are making an impact with the Lord working through you guys. I have been wanting to see the Lord physically and experience him like you and others have seen him but has yet to happen.
I came home today and had an urge in Spirit to be still and wait on him. After a few moments and worshipping I still felt like I wasn’t getting through. After sitting a couple of minutes I put one of your songs on and after a couple a seconds I felt an invitation to dance. It was as if The Lord was standing before me reaching out his hand to grab mine. I said Lord if this is you then touch my knee and I then felt a check in Spirit or a kind rebuke of “why are you always asking for a sign?” This is something I have been guilty of many times….
So, I decided to get up and start dancing…weird at first but I really started hearing him speak. After the song ended and I sat down I was still feeling as if nothing happened and that I could have been possibly making the whole thing up??
I then listened to your message and as soon as you got to the part of the Lord needing to make it clear to his bride that we need to stop looking to him as a faraway God that comes down from Heaven to visit and that he is always present I sobbed. I spent a good 20 minutes sobbing. I knew it was him speaking and it hit home. I can’t tell you how long I have been looking to him to visit from Heaven instead of him always being present. I not know that if I do see him it would be that he manifested from being inside me.
Thank you so much! I hope this blesses you and it makes sense!
~ Submitted by Bo Watson

4 thoughts on “Invitation to Dance: He is Closer to Us Than We Think

  1. This reminds me of how our Lord also invited me to dance with Him recently this past week. I was listening to Kari Jobe songs in my car, and one of the songs had a background music that sounded a little ‘ancient Hebrew” and lively..
    When arriving home, and walking into the house, I suddenly received this thought that Jesus wanted me to dance with Him like that… with me as a little child and in a fun lively way.. with Him holding my hands and Us dancing in a circle.. laughing. I thought it was just my imagination for a bit.. since I don’t get dramatic visions, etc.. nor am gifted with spiritual things such as this. But this morning I decided to imagine the same scene that came before me that evening, and I felt such a feeling of Him being my Lord and me desiring Him to be in the lead.. taking me by my hands and leading me around and around in a circle.. then us falling to the ground laughing, and just having fun. I could visualize Him laughing and me being funny and brushing His cheek with a bunch of buttercups. I felt such a closeness with Him and felt His presence with me. Why not imagine nice things with Him since He reads our imagination anyway.. and our thoughts are like prayers to Him. … so everything we imagine with Him is actually seen and heard by Him. 🙂
    Incidentally.. I was outside sitting on the grass near our garden this afternoon, and a butterfly flew up to my neck and buzzed/fluffed itself on my cheek and neck, then playfully flew off. It made me think Jesus sent it intentionally after my visualization this morning 😉

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