At The Beach With Jesus

Jesus splash

Surfing with Yeshua – 7th July 2015

In dwelling prayer tonight I found myself taken to a beautiful beach. I don’t know why but I never ever expected to go to the beach with Jesus!  It was in fact a Lake but it was so huge it looked like the sea and it gave off waves like a Sea.  I walked with Yeshua along its shore and we talked and He was very happy.  The light was amazing so vibrant and bright and everything glistened and was in sharp focus.  Crystal clear not like anything earth has ever seen.
He took my hand and led me into the water – we splashed each other and played and laughed and it was pure joyfulness and childlike fun.  And then we began to swim and then to surf….I could surf!!!! something I could never master on earth.  Even swimming in the sea was terrifying as I always ended up in difficulty and having to be rescued because I was so fearful.
We came ashore laughing and I lay down and immediately asked ‘How are you Lord – how are you really?
He became serious and said “I AM very distracted – there is so much going on.  But being here with you is wonderful – a taste of the Joys we have ahead together – simple pleasures to enjoy and happy times to come!”
“This is so lovely Lord I have always loved the water but I have been afraid of it also – especially the Sea”.  He replied “there is nothing to fear here – there is only Joy!”
I lay on my stomach in the sand – I was dry already!
“Lord how can so much beauty exist when there is also so much evil out there – how can there be both?”
“It is merely PROXIMITY…..the closer you are to ME the more LOVE – LIGHT – JOY there is to be experienced.  The further away you are from ME the more darkness – sorrow – anger there is.”
“Lord why do not all hearts rejoice when they see you?”
“The deception of the enemy CHANGES  the hearts nature……its very composition…just like My Presence TRANSFORMS a heart.  Once a person has yielded – the heart HARDENS with unbelief and a stubborn refusal to hear.  My Father has given Man a GREAT GIFT OF CHOICE……in all of My Kingdom MAN is supremely gifted with FREE WILL.  You cannot fully know how much that will have ramifications for your eternal futures.  But the heart decides – influenced by many things.  Once yielded to THE SATAN its choices diminish……until there comes a day when its final choice is gone – DEATH.  I reach out to the hearts of man every day until that day.”
“PLEASE Lord make me bolder and wiser so that I know whom to reach out to with the Gospel”
The Lord sat down and lay down next to me and I reached out and held His hand. I said “Lord I don’t know how else to be with You ( I felt that I was being too familiar and maybe disrespectful).  I have to relate to you this way (tenderly) because this is who I am”.  He said “I want you to be yourself – you are to be WHOLLY YOUR TRUE SELF with Me …..only YOU can be that for Me (meaning that each of us is so unique if we are not wholly ourselves to Him no one else can be that self in our stead ) I don’t want you to pretend or BE any other way.”
(He was so beautiful that I just wanted to look at Him and I beamed so much when I looked at Him that I felt my entire being sigh with healing and contentment).
I said “lord is there anything I can do to make people more open to You?”
“Only LOVE them.  Ask Me for more love everyday because My Love is what the world needs and the ANTIDOTE to Satans Venom!  Never stop loving them and reaching out.”
I put my chin on His chest and listened to Him as He talked looking up with His Hands behind His Head.
“I want to talk to you about your work’ He said.  “You have worked very hard and diligently.  you have not been a burden to anyone – I have supported you and honored your walk of faith.  But now a NEW thing.  I want you to let go of the reins.  I want your focus to go on to the people.  I will bless your work – it will improve and become effortless – be more effective!  But you are to focus onTHE PEOPLE.  Look closely AT THEIR FACES – their body language….listen to their words…talk less and LISTEN MORE.
I will anoint you with the gift of SEEING.  When you see their HEARTS….speak first to Me then speak the words that I give you.  I will make it very clear what you are to say to them.  And each time this happens the results will be DRAMATIC….fruit every time.  Their bodies need Pilates (I teach Pilates) but their hearts and souls need ME!  What if I told you that ALL your training has been for this LAST SEASON.  These last months to reach its pinnacle……”
“Lord you told me before that You were coming SOON much sooner even than I thought…..why did You say that…..I thought You would come in June.”
I AM using ALL means to prepare My Bride and EXPECTANCY is one of them.  I AM not lying but I AM exhorting you all to get ready.  IMMINENCY is very real…My Father has not even told ME when it will be.  But you thinking it could be any moment is TRUTH…IT CAN BE!   So whether it is now or in September is irrelevant ACT AS IF IT IS BOTH AND PRESS INTO ME

Shared by Debra Holland

6 thoughts on “At The Beach With Jesus

  1. Thanks Debra…those of us who don’t dream, depend on those that do. and if Jesus announced the date, people would take advantage…..:”OK I will put it on my calendar” really ? The biggest event in human history, most ministers wont touch it.

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  2. Allen it is me who thinks the Rapture will be on Rosh ha Shanah 😀 along with many many others but Yeshua clearly said to me that even He doesn’t know when it will be – He said it is Imminent – all of Heaven and earth are on tip toes waiting now for Abba to speak. As you said in your previous comment the Bride is not ready……I feel that the Father in His Grace and Mercy is waiting for every last soul to come into the Ark….but that eventually evil will reach a tipping point and then He will give the order for His Son to get His Bride because the judgements are coming imminently also…………..

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  3. Thanks Debra…..others more knowledgeable than me share your view (Perry Stone, Sid Roth, Tim lahaye etc)….and it is scriptural that even Jesus doesn’t know when. But pls keep the insights coming, HD is loved……I wish people, even other Christians, were more interested… American Christian education did not include the jewish traditions, and the lord is a Jewish ! I really think most ministers dont want to talk about the rapture because they are afraid of being wrong or controversial…..I don’t know how to talk to people without sounding like a ‘nut’ so I pray for the Lord to direct people to me, or better yet, a local church or heartdwellers !

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  4. Allen I feel those people who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit know that Jesus is coming back soon. Those who are part of the Bride KNOW that there is a Bride – those who are hungering for truth and true fellowship have been directed to this site and Clare. If we come into the Presence of Yeshua and let our spirits united with the Holy Spirit speak to our hearts we surely will be kept and readied for His soon Coming. I gave up a long time ago TRYING to save people – I found it to be unfruitful and often painfully unedfiying for Yeshua lol embarrising. These days I just try to tell people often and in a natural way that I am a Christian and I talk to them about some of the things I do acting as if they are saved and understand – it often opens up a dialiogue. I only ever witness when I get an open door through the Holy Spirit – when that happens it is always amazing natural and effortless and the person leads the way with questions the Holy Spirit has already placed in their hearts……it blows me away every time. I think talking about what Jesus has done for us personally is always the best way to go – it is real and relevant and if they know you as a person that you have been authentic with them and shown them love and respect that makes them more open to listen to what you say. Also I don’t expect for them to commit to anything just to hearing my testimony – the Holy Spirit will use it in some way and maybe someone else will actually pray salvation with them………I hardly ever get a chance to witness to people especially strangers so I try to just love them and to be Christ to them even if it is just smiling at them and opening a door or giving them a supermarket trolley – even the little things are important. blessing to you Allen x

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